What is your favorite kind of animal? Why? | Creative Writing Ideas for Kids

What is your favorite kind of animal? Why? | Creative Writing Ideas for Kids

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Answer 1 (What is your favorite kind of animal? Why?)

The wolf, to be precise. I once saw a wolf who was much larger than I had expected a wolf to be, and I was about to puke, but this wolf didn’t seem bothered by the camera, and I could tell he had no intention of devouring me; we had a tacit understanding, a truce.

He was bold, very brave because he was the first to engage with us, and as he began sniffing us, he stretched out his tongue as if tasting the air around us, then turned and walked away. He didn’t rush away; instead, he trotted away as if he were the ruler of the castle.

I was both humbled and awestruck by his presence; he could have cut me to shreds in an instant, and he knew it; he never showed fear, unlike me, and I was literally frozen.

An animal that is hunted and perceived as a dangerous predator to the point of extinction, then protected for the sole purpose of restoring its numbers, only to become a target once more. Is this a wolf’s life cycle now? Returning to be hunted….. I met one of these wonderful animals, and his curiosity and calm demeanor taught me that wolves are quite similar to humans in that they value family and loyalty.

Answer 2

Because I’ve lived with cats for numerous years, I’d say that’s the first thing I’d do. However, dogs, horses, and the majority of other animals are right up there! I’m trying to think of a mammal that I don’t like, but I can’t come up with anything.

Birds and reptiles, on the other hand, are a very different story! Alligators terrify me. Birds have always made me feel uneasy, dating back to a Hitchcock film I saw as a kid. Birds have long turned me off! Snakes do not appeal to me (I live in rattlesnake territory.)

Answer 3: What is your favourite marine animal, and why?

Dolphins with a bottlenose. Bottle-nose Dolphins can be found within 20 miles of shore in warm waters, including saltwater canals and rivers, where I’ve done most of my diving.

Although it is illegal to feed, touch, or swim with them, they appear to have a strong affection for humans and frequently approach divers in that area.

They must be wondering what those obnoxious humans are doing in THEIR water. Although it’s difficult to constantly respect the law (don’t get caught! ), simply seeing them in their natural habitat is a lovely and hypnotic experience that all of the divers I know enjoy.

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