Thirsty crow story in English with moral

Thirsty crow story in English with moral

The fable “The Thirsty Crow Story” contains a moral valuable lesson. First, it is a moral story for kids in English, which guides them to work with patience and understanding in times of adversity. Second, telling your kids the thirsty crow story is a very good idea.

The Thirsty Crow Story In English

Once upon a time, in a forest near a town, there lived a crow. This crow had been on the roadway for quite some time and was thus exceedingly thirsty. He searched the area for drinking water but couldn’t find any.

Without water, the crow became extremely dehydrated. He persisted in his search for water, however. He circled the forest and the surrounding town.

A home caught the crow’s eye as he flew over the town. ‘I’m sure there will be some drinking water over here,’ he reasoned.

Thirsty crow story in English with moral
Thirsty crow story

Inside the pot, he noticed some drinking water. He became excitedly joyful. however, The crow’s beak could not contact the water because the water level was so low.

After some deliberation, the crow came up with an idea. he thought, “If I throw pebbles in the pot, the water level will rise,” Then I’ll be able to drink the water without difficulty.”

Thinking this, the crow searched near around, He noticed some little pebbles on the ground nearby. He flew over to the pebbles and took one stone in his beak.

He went back to the pot and threw the stone in. The water level rose slightly, but the crow’s beak was unable to reach the water.

The crow returned to the pebbles and collected yet another stone. Then he walked over to the pot and threw that stone into it. The water level continued to rise.

He made an attempt to sip the water but found it difficult. He was exhausted, yet he continued and did not give up hope.

The crow picked up little pebbles and placed them in the pot for more than an hour.

The amount of water progressively rose. The water level had risen to the lip of the pot after a lot of work.

The crow was overjoyed. He put his beak into the drinking water and began to drink. He drank and drank till he couldn’t take it any longer.

Then he urged other thirsty birds to drink the water as well. A large number of thirsty birds arrived and drank the water. then, They thanked the intelligent crow and departed.

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Moral of the thirsty crow story in English

Every fable has a moral. And the moral of the thirsty crow story comes in several interpretations.

The moral of the thirsty crow story is to Think and work hard, you may find a solution to any problem.

FAQs for Thirsty crow story

Q.1 What are the morals of the thirsty crow story?

Answer: The moral of “Thirsty crow story” is that Think and work hard, you may find a solution to any problem.

Q.2 Did the crow drink the little water left in the pitcher?

Answer: Yes, crow drinks the water.

Q.3 How did the Crow drink water?

Answer: The Crow drops in pebbles one by one until the water rises to the top of the pot and drinks water.

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