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This is an awesome short stories with morals, There was a thicket of deciduous trees in a mountainous region. A pair of parrots nested on one of these trees.

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One day the parrot gave birth to two baby parrots. Parrot and her wife take great care of these little ones.

One day the parrot and her wife went out to fetch chickpeas.

short stories

after some time One of the hunters came there. He climbed a tree and grabbed the two baby parrots. The hunter was carrying the baby parrots.

when he met a monk on the way. The monk took pity on these baby parrots. He asked the hunter, “Brother, I want to buy these two babies parrots. I will Pay the price”

The hunter said, “I want to sell only one baby parrot. I will keep the other one with me. ”

Eventually, the monk bought a baby parrot from the hunter. The monk brought the baby parrot to his home. Here he raised the chicks well. Monk taught him to speak well.

The hunter took the other baby parrot to his village. There he finished the baby in a cage. He also prepared her for his work.

A few years later it is a matter of days. A king went hunting in the forest. He was passing by a village forgetting the road. At that moment, a parrot in a cage hanging in front of the house saw him and said, “Run, grab this, tie it, kill me and rob me.”

The king knew the dialect of birds. As soon as he heard the words from the parrot’s mouth, he became alert. He chased the horse the other way before the hunters came to catch him.

Then the king walked around and came to a nearby home. The king was thirsty. Assuming that water would be available here, he entered the home. A cage was hanging from a branch of a tree in the home. There was a parrot in it. Seeing the king coming to the home, he started saying, “welcome, king welcome! If you are thirsty, drink cold water, if you are hungry, eat delicious fruit if you are tired, take a rest”.

Hearing the sound of parrots, a monk came out of the cottage. He welcomed the king and gave him a seat. He asked for cool water for the king and delicious fruits to eat.

The king asked the monk, “respected monk, I had just seen such a parrot in a village. It was a hunter’s parrot. As soon as he saw me, he started saying ‘Catch this, tie it, hit and loot’, while this parrot greeted me with sweet words like ‘ come, drink cold water, take rest’. What is the reason for this? ”

The monk reconciled the king’s mind and said, “king, the parrot you have seen before and this parrot are both are brothers. They are the offspring of the same parents, so the body is the same in form, color, and appearance, but the parrot was raised there by a hunter, while the parrot was raised there by a monk in the cottage environment, that’s why both have different nature”

After a while, the king bowed to the monk, got on his horse, and ran away. Along the way, he thought of these two parrots. King said You become what you live with!”

moral of the story:

The ‘same effect’ means “You become what you live with” as justice is taught from the beginning has the same effect on the person. Good people are associated with good and bad people are associated with bad effects.

This is free short stories for kids written by Ava Smith

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