The mighty ants | short stories for kids

The Mighty Ants | Short Moral Stories For Kids

During the storytime at home, We come up with some short moral stories for kids to enjoy the storyline while also learning a lesson.

There was a large colony of ants and carpenter ants near the crevice of a tree in the forest.

Short Moral Stories For Kids

Due to the absence of large insects or other creatures around, the colony was expanding deeper and deeper into the ground day by day. Of course, on a daily basis, many ants, carpenter ants were preying on other creatures, but their numbers were negligible. Ants and carpenter ants lived happily ever after.

Short Moral Stories For Kids, Short Moral Stories For children

Once, on a rainy day, a chameleon came up to the tree from somewhere.

He was very happy to see abundant food for himself. This chameleon was very powerful and gigantic. His tongue was also long and his ability to change color was also good.

The mighty ants | Short Moral Stories For Kids

He started living on the same tree. Upon arrival, he preyed on many ants and carpenter ants. It was the first time such a large creature had invaded such a safe settlement.

There was a great commotion in the colony. The next day, chameleon also attacked and killed many ants. Hundreds of ants died in just two days.

moral stories for kids

This news reached the queen of ants. On the other hand, information about this incident also reached the leader of the carpenter ant.

All the ants and carpenter ants were found within the rate. He had no solution to escape from this mess.

The mighty ants | Short Moral Stories For Kids, stories for kids

While everyone was worried, then one servant ant came forward. She was very thin. He said, – I have a solution. Everyone laughed when they heard him. However, queen Ant silenced them all.

Now the servant ant speaks. “The ones that prey on us are the same and our numbers are still very large”. If we work together with the way we do everything from food to storage, we will beat it.

The servant ant was right. However, attacking chameleon was a big deal. Some Soldier Ants and carpenter ants also opposed it.

Servant Ant spoke again, it is certain that some ants and carpenter ants will die in such an attack, but the same is going to happen even if we do not attack.

Everyone seemed to be right. Queen Ant handed over the entire battle to servant Ant and asked him to lead the army.

The servant ant first ordered the soldiers to collect different colors. He divided the ants into hundreds.

The mighty ants | Short Moral Stories For Kids

Which team decided which tactic to attack chameleon. He ordered an army of carpenter ants, more powerful than ants and larger in size, to attack the eye.

The whole army painted chameleon on his body to confuse him and one day early in the morning chameleon was still waking up lazily. The gigantic chameleon lost to this mass attack of ants. He was badly wounded and slowly became the food of ants.

Moral of the story:

Even a small creature can defeat a large creature if it is organized.

Short Moral Stories For Kids written by Ava Smith

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Morals are nothing but lessons that we learn from stories. If you listen, each story has some ethics in it. Teach your kids to draw lessons from their experiences, and the experiences of their friends or family. They will have so many short moral stories for kids to share with the world When they do.

We hope your kid liked these short yet interesting stories with morals that we have read growing up!

There are more and more stories with morals.

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