The lion and the mouse story in English with moral

The lion and the mouse story in English with moral

The fable “The lion and the mouse story” contains a moral valuable lesson. First, it is a moral story for kids in English, which guides them to work with patience and understanding in times of adversity.

The lion and the mouse story | the lion and the mouse story in english written

Once upon a time, in the deep Amazon rainforest, there lived a lion. A tiny little mouse unexpectedly crossed by and scurried across the lion’s face in haste while he was sleeping by resting his large head on his paws. This awoke the lion, who slammed his massive paw down fiercely on the tiny mouse, intending to kill her.

The miserable mouse begged the lion to spare her this time and promised to repay him later. Hearing this, the lion was pleased and puzzled as to how such a small creature could ever be of assistance to him. But he was in a nice mood, and he finally let the mouse go because of his kindness.

The lion and the mouse story

A hunter set a trap for the lion while it was searching for prey in the jungle a few days later. The lion, caught in the trap of a hunter’s net, struggled to release himself and roared angrily.

The mouse heard the scream and saw the lion straining to extricate himself from the hunter’s net as she passed by. The small creature dashed towards the lion’s trap, which was encircling him, and chewed the net with her strong teeth until it ripped apart. Slowly, she cut a large hole in the net, allowing the lion to escape the hunter’s trap.

The lion thanked the little mouse for her assistance, and the mouse reminded him that she had finally paid the lion back for saving her life. The lion and the mouse became friends and lived peacefully in the forest after that.

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The lion and the mouse story moral

the lion and the mouse story moral is Love and kindness are never wasted. You can accomplish by kindness, which you cannot by any force.


The lion and the mouse summary in 5 sentences

In this story, the Lion spares the Mouse when he captures her. The little Mouse tells him that, if he sets her free, she will find a way to repay him. The Lion doesn’t believe her but agrees to spare her anyway. 

Later, the Lion is caught in a trap set by a hunter. When the tiny Mouse notices him straining in the net, he gnaws his way through the rope. He was unable to free himself, but with the Mouse’s assistance, he was able to escape.

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