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The road connecting jungle and village was considered deserted. There were no bushes on this road. Only a few scattered acorns and a neem tree, which was barely growing and survived.

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A few birds like crows, cuckoos, sparrows, peacocks, etc. lived happily on this small neem tree in a very deserted road. Even for the daily travelers, the shade of this neem tree was the only support.

Birds and travelers had hoped that the neem tree would grow a little bigger this year to provide a good shade and rest, but this year it did not rain. The neem tree began to dry out instead of growing. It dried up every day and made all the birds very worried.

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One day a sparrow asked the neem tree,

“Neemtree neem tree, you please must be green, why are you drying up?” What will happen to us if you dry up? ‘

Neem tree cried when she heard sparrow talk. He said, ‘You are right, dear sparrow, but see what I can do? My roots are still very small so I can’t drink water from the ground and it doesn’t rain. I don’t think I’ll last much longer. You find a new home for yourself. “

Now when he heard Neem tree talking, he started crying. Hearing the sound of sparrow crying, all the other birds got together. sparrow cried and told everyone the reason for drying the neem. What to do now? After much deliberation and concern, all the birds decided to seek the help of travelers.

Every day someone would take care of the birds coming and going and as soon as he came and sat in the shade he would immediately explain the problem of neem and ask for help.

But no one took the responsibility of delivering water to Neem tree even though people said yes. Some were even a little more generous, sometimes giving away the water they had in their bags, but what happened? It would be nice to get some water every day, but no one would take responsibility for a permanent solution.

Neemtree’s condition was really bad. As the summer progressed, people stopped coming from there. What to do now? That’s what all the birds thought. Neem tree repeatedly persuaded them to take their chicks away but not a single bird was willing to put Neem tree down.

One day a shrewd crow made a plan. He gathered a few leaves and made a very small mash. Every day he goes to pick it up and takes it with him. He would come, drink water, and fill his little jar with as much water as he could.

The work was very tiring, but the crows started doing it every day. The rest of the birds came to know about it and he started doing the same to save the neem tree on his own without expecting any help.

Every bird began to do this, except for the small sparrow. sparrow was too young to do that. She was always on guard and talking to Neem tree. This went on for many days. Water was not enough for the neem tree, but it survived as it was.

One day a cloud suddenly appeared on the daily run of the birds. He understood the whole matter immediately and rained down on the little neem tree.

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