The lion and the hare Story for Kids

The lion and the hare story: It was 12 p.m. The sun shone brightly overhead. It was time to eat. The lion king was starving, but there was nothing to eat. It was the first time it had ever happened. An animal would approach the Lion King as the sun rose and offer itself as food.

The lion and the hare stories for kids
The lion and the hare stories for kids

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The lion used to go out hunting and kill whatever animal he could get his hands on. The animals begged the lion not to annihilate them. They volunteered to deliver one animal to the king every day at noon as a dinner. The lion king consented, and he hasn’t hunted since then. Every day at noon, his dinner came at his cave.

This day, though, is different. The lion was becoming irritated. His tummy was grumbling. He was becoming enraged as well.

He noticed a rabbit approaching him at that same moment.

“So, my dinner has arrived late and is quite little!” The lion reasoned, “These creatures need to be taught a lesson.” “But first,” he concluded, “let me fill my stomach.”

“How dare you show up so late?” says the narrator. He gave the hare a grunt.

“Please accept my apologies, My Lord.” I would have arrived on time if I hadn’t been late. “However, this new lion in the bush has slowed me down,” the hare explained.

“I demand you to tell me everything about this lion,” the lion said, startled.

“This lion wants to eat me whole.” I, on the other hand, informed him that I was already on my way to meet you. I was mocked by the lion. He told me that a true king chases his prey and that I shouldn’t bow down to a weak lion like you. My Lord, his words, not mine!”

“How can this lion make such a snide remark about me.” “Take me to him right now,” the lion said fiercely.

“My Lord, the other lion had also expressed an interest in seeing you. He chose to spare my life in order for me to relay his word to you. He proclaims himself to be the new King of the Jungle.”

“Did he actually say that?” “Lead me to that phony.”

“However, my Lord, I would not advise going after him.” He is a formidable opponent who lives in a castle.”

“Ha! I don’t think a little hare understands pride. No one in this jungle has the ability to challenge me and survive. Just bring me to this phony jungle king.”

The lion was led to the far end of the forest by the hare. In a clearing, there was a stone wall. “My Lord,” he said, “the second lion resides inside that fort.”

The lion scaled the well’s wall and gazed down. He turned around to see the ‘other’ lion staring back at him. The bumbling lion was oblivious to the fact that he was looking at his own mirror. He let out a big yell. The noise bounced off the well’s walls and grew much louder.

The lion shifted his gaze to the hare. “You’re absolutely correct. This individual is a formidable opponent. His roar is thunderous. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of him right now.”
The lion leaped into the well after saying this. He fell and banged his skull at the bottom of the well, never to be seen again.

All of the creatures that had been hidden behind the bushes emerged, applauding. The hare bowed to them.

The lion and the hare story for kids

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