The Crow and the Serpent Story | Stories for kids

The Crow and the Serpent Story | Stories for kids

The Crow and the Serpent Story: A big banyan tree stood deep within a dense jungle. Its branches spread out in all directions, draping the earth in shade. The branches were laden with leaves that rustled in the breeze. Guru the crow landed on one of the branches one day. Guru liked the cool air on the banyan tree on a hot summer day.

He looked around but was shocked to find no nests on such a gorgeous, welcoming tree. He couldn’t hear the squirrels’ squeaking, the mynahs’ loud call, or the sparrows’ twittering. Guru felt the tree to be strangely quiet and serene.

He brought his wife Mia to the tree the next day. The two crows carefully constructed a nest on one of the tree’s sturdy limbs. Their new home was perfect for them.

Mia produced four eggs a few months later. Four crow chicks hatched from the eggs after some time. Guru and Mia appeared to be overjoyed. The following day, they flew to find some tasty worms for the hungry chicks. When they arrived in the evening, however, they discovered the babies have vanished.

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Guru and Mia screamed desperation at the top of their lungs. They circled the banyan tree as if the chicks had fallen out of the nest. The chicks, however, were nowhere to be found.

Guru came across a hole at the foot of the tree while searching near the ground. It was pitch black inside. He was startled to notice a pair of thin eyes. Guru’s heart skipped a beat with fear. But the eyeballs vanished the moment he blinked. Guru assumed he was dreaming. He didn’t say anything to Mia.

Mia laid eggs again a few months later. Looking at the newborn chicks made the parents delighted once more. The infants were in good health. They were, however, ravenous. Guru and Mia had to leave the nest to get food, even though they didn’t want to leave the chicks alone.

When they returned in the evening, the nest was once again empty. Guru remembered the hole at the tree’s base right away. He flew there to see if the eyes he had seen were still there. The hole was dimly lit. Guru, on the other hand, noticed a feather at its mouth. It was a feather from a crow.

He screamed at the hole. Inside the hole, the sound reverberated. Guru’s enraged cawing persisted. A loud hiss erupted out of nowhere. Guru recoiled in terror. From the hole sprang a large black cobra. It walked back in after giving Guru a frigid stare.

The Crow and the Serpent Story

Guru dashed up to Mia and told her what he’d witnessed. Mia was terrified. “I see why this tree doesn’t have any nests now.” This snake feeds on the young birds. Let’s get out of here, Guru. “I’m terrified.”

“We can’t leave Mia,” Guru explained.

“I know you enjoy this tree, Guru. But don’t you think we can be content no matter where we are? Consider how pleased we’ll be with our children.” Mia remarked.

“Yes, we’ll be content. But I despise being compelled to leave. Consider all the birds who felt the same way and flew away from this lovely tree. Mia, don’t be concerned. I’ll devise a strategy.”

After some time had gone, Mia began to lay eggs once more. She was always inquiring about Guru’s plans. She was worried about her chicks.

Guru, on the other hand, had no notion how to cope with the snake. He decided to enlist the assistance of his pal jackal. The entire story was relayed to the jackal. He went for a long walk without saying anything. He had a smile on his face as he returned. He spoke the proposal to Guru in hushed tones.

Guru flew towards the river the next day. He sat and waited on a large rock. He soon saw what he had been looking for. The river was approached by a big gathering of individuals. The queen of the country was having a picnic by the river. The queen took a step onto the grass. The queen sat down once her helpers had placed a nice mattress on the floor. She removed her jewelry and sat in the sun to unwind.

Guru had been looking forward to this moment. He jumped onto the bed, grabbed the necklace, and flew away. Guru, who made sure he flew slowly so the soldiers could detect him, was pursued by the queen’s guards.

He soon arrived at the banyan tree, where he tossed the necklace into the snake’s hole. Soldiers charged forward. They started digging to get the necklace out of the hole. They suddenly heard a hiss. It was the cobra, of course. It stretched its hood, ready to swoop down on anyone who dared to assault. The soldiers, on the other hand, were astute. The snake was battered with sticks and thrown away. They discovered the jewelry and handed it over to the queen.

Guru and Mia, who were high on the banyan branches, witnessed all that occurred. Guru cawed his appreciation to the soldiers. Guru and Mia heard a snap as soon as the troops left. The first chick poked its head through the opening of the egg. Guru and Mia exchanged smiles. All of the chicks hatched one by one. They were all living nicely together at the time.

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This The Crow and the Serpent Story | Stories for kids written by Ava smith

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