Short Moral Stories for Kids

10 Best Short Moral Stories for Kids

10 short moral stories you can read with your child and what they’ll learn from them.

Want to expand your Kid’s vocabulary? Read to them. That’s all it takes and there are other benefits to reading aloud to the young kids as well.

Reading to older children offers a great method to teach them life lessons in a way that they’ll understand. And it’s easier than ever to find these short moral stories to read.

There is a large selection of short moral stories for kids online. They range from the classics like The Ant and The Dove Story, The Little Frog Story, and many more. To help you out, we’ve gathered a selection of the most 10 Popular Moral Stories For Kids in English.

10 Short Moral Stories For Kids

Moral stories can needn’t be serious, but they can be funny at the same time help your Kid learn something.

1. The Ant and The Dove Story

There was a jungle, in that jungle there was a beautiful lake. Many lotus flowers were blooming in this lake and many colorful fishes also lived.

There was a banyan tree on the bank of this lake. There was a house of ants near the trunk of the banyan tree.

All the ants worked together, some ants went to search for food, some ants guarded the house, and some ants served the queen.

An ant named Rose used to do guard duty. His job was to keep a constant watch. Rose used to warn everyone if enemy insects or other enemy ants attacked!

Rose used to guard around the rate far and wide. Not only was the rose alone here, but many other ants were also on guard.

One day Rose thought that if I climb on the branch of this tree, then I can take care of it far away. That branch was leaning over the lake. The tree was also very tall. This branch was covered with the leaves of several other branches.

Rose thought this branch looks right. If I climb on it, I will be able to see far and not even in the sight of any bird.

Rose climbed the branch and looked around, in fact, she could see very far.

Rose looked around and made sure there was no danger around. After looking around, she started descending again. Then suddenly there was a strong wind, the wind was very strong. But Rose’s focus was on getting down.

His feet slipped from the twigs because of the gust of wind. And she jumped in the air and then fell into the water.

Due to the strong wind, some waves were also bouncing in the lake. Although Rose was able to swim, due to the shaking of the waves, Rose could not swim properly.

He tried to shout, Help… Help…!

But no one could hear it because the ant’s voice was weak.

Fortunately, a Dove was sitting on a tree branch by the lake. His eyes fell on Rose. Rose was flowing in the water with the waves.

The Dove thought that I should save this ant. She was also watching a sparrow sitting on another nearby tree, the sparrow was very cruel. The Dove said in his mind, I will definitely save this ant!

Sparrow said, there is no need. I will eat it.

The Dove said, he is in trouble. You and I have plenty of grain to eat and a lot of other food.

The Dove started thinking about how to get this ant out of the water?

He thought that if he caught it in his beak, the ant would think that I wanted to eat it. If I put it in my beak, it can bite my tongue because she will not know that this Dove has come to save her life.

Then the Dove got the idea. He plucked a big leaf from a tree. He took the leaf in his beak and started flying over the water.

Going very close to the rose, he put that leaf in the water. Rose was watching this. She quickly extended her feet towards the leaf and climbed on the leaf.

When the leaf reached the shore due to the push of the waves, the rose landed on the shore. Rose thanked Dove, Rose said, I will never forget your gratitude.

Then a week later, Rose was again guarding the outside of the Queen’s house. Suddenly he saw a hunter.

The hunter was aiming with a gun. Rose sees what the hunter is targeting, then she sees a Dove sitting on a tree preparing to shoot it.

Rose immediately recognized the Dove. Hey, this is the good Dove that saved my life.

Now I must save his life, but how? The tree was far away. Rose may have run away, but the hunter’s bullet could have been missed before reaching the tree.

Rose thought, what should I do? what can I do?

Then Rose got an idea. She laughed and ran to the hunter. Rose climbed onto the hunter’s shoe and went inside the shoe and the hunter had pulled the trigger to release the bullet when Rose bit her leg. So he was shocked. His hands shook. The bullet fired, but the Dove did not hit.

The Dove was shocked to hear the sound of gunshots. He immediately flew to save his life and hid in a tree.

He didn’t know why the hunter’s bullet didn’t hit him! Because he had not seen Rose. But Rose knew that as a Dove had saved my life, today it was my duty to help her. Rose said that we should always help those who are in trouble.

Moral of the story

Choose your friends wisely.

2. The Little Frog Story

There lived a frog in a village. The name of that frog was dean.

One day Dean saw some kids bathing in the rain. Some kids got cold after bathing. So they started sneezing.

Since then the dean frog has decided never to take a bath or get wet in the rain. Dean felt that even if I get wet in the rain, then I too will get cold.

In winter and summer, all frogs hide under the ground. When the monsoon starts, all the frogs come out. Take a bath in the lake. Get wet in the rain… All the frogs used to have a lot of fun.

But our dean the frog says: ‘I don’t want to get wet in the rain. I don’t want to bathe in the lake… I get a cold… I sneeze a lot. ‘

Then dean bought a nice umbrella. So that dean can avoid the rain.

After a few days the monsoon started… drizzle everywhere… drizzle… it started raining. All the frogs were happy; all the frogs went out to get wet in the rain except Dean. All the frogs say: ‘Whoa! What a fun rain! It’s a lot of fun getting wet! ‘

But Dean keeps walking with an umbrella. The dean moves in such a way that not a single drop of rain touches the dean.

All the frogs explained to the dean: ‘Listen, dean, once you get drenched in the rain, you also know how much fun it is. Leave the umbrella and walk with us to the lake! You’ll also enjoy taking a bath in the water! ‘

But Dean was very stubborn, how could he have agreed? Dean just kept repeating: ‘I don’t want to get wet in the rain… I don’t want to take a bath in the lake… I get hiccups, I sneeze a lot

Suddenly a very strong wind started blowing. Dean’s umbrella also got damaged due to strong wind and his umbrella flew in the wind.

And the same thing happened to Dean which he did not like, he started getting wet in the rain.

Without an umbrella, Dean couldn’t stop himself from getting wet in the rain. The rain-soaked Dean Right up!

Then dean also enjoyed getting wet with the other frogs. His false fear ran away. Dean said: I found out today how fun it was to bathe in the rain and swim in the lake!

In such a situation, a frog started sneezing jokingly; some frogs started joking like this to scare Dean.

But the dean said with a big smile: Humans have a cold. But the frog does not have a cold. Don’t try to scare me like this.

Then all the frogs bathed in the rain and started having fun. In this way dean never felt scared again.

Moral of the story

Always learn the Art of Appreciating the Little Things in Life.

3. The Cat and The Squirrel Story

There was a forest, a river used to flow in this forest.

This forest was home to predators such as tigers, lions, and leopards, as well as herbivores such as deer, goats, rabbits, and Maya squirrels.

A wild cat named Riley also lived in this forest. Riley used to eat the main food of the cat, birds like rooster, dove, sparrow, and hunted animals like rats and squirrels.

Riley the cat had not hunted for three days so she was very hungry and angry.

One day the cat saw a squirrel playing near a flower. The name of that squirrel was Maya.

He decided to hunt down Maya. She started walking slowly and quietly.

At that time the wind direction was blowing from Riley the cat to the squirrel. With the wind, the smell of Riley the cat also reaches the squirrel!

If the smell of Riley Cat reaches the squirrel, the squirrel will run and hide in a hollow tree trunk.

To prevent this from happening, Riley, the cat did not go straight to the squirrel. Instead, the cat turned around and approached the squirrel from the other side.

If the cat reaches closer to the Maya squirrel from that side, then its smell will not reach the squirrel.

Now the cat started walking slowly… slowly… slowly… was walking in such a way that there was no sound at all. In this way, the cat came very close to the squirrel.

Cat I was thinking that now as soon as I take a jump, a squirrel will come in my mouth in a jiffy! She jumped down to jump and bit her hind legs.

During this, the squirrel’s eyes suddenly fell on the cat. It was too late now. It was no longer possible to run away. The cat thought, now the squirrel cannot escape.

Suddenly I heard a loud sound. The cat looked back and saw a leopard named Blake. The cat ran away in fear.

Maya said to the leopard, Dear Blake, you saved my life! Let me know if you ever need any help from me.

Blake Leopard says I jumped for deer cubs. In the meantime, it’s a good thing that you got saved from the cat. I don’t need your help. Go hang out and have fun. Then several days passed peacefully.

Maya now had the leaf of a hunter cat, so she started living very cautiously. Maya also told other small animals and birds that there is a hunting cat here; you all stay away from it.

Everyone kept an eye on the cat living around. As soon as the cat appeared, many birds like sparrows, Doves, all used to give a loud warning.

One day Maya the squirrel had gone out to find food a little far from her house. He also had two friends with Maya.

The squirrels were looking for food very carefully because they were afraid of the cat. In such a situation, suddenly the sound of moaning was coming from somewhere. Are there any? Help me.

Maya told both her friends, it seems that someone is in trouble. Let’s see if there are any difficulties around me.

Maya’s friend says, has no one been hanged? If we go to see and get stuck, who will save us?

Maya says I will go ahead and see, you stay here. If I get in trouble, help me. Both the squirrels said this is a good idea.

Maya proceeds cautiously, hiding under the leaves of a bush. And he saw that the Blake leopard appeared to be trapped in a noose. The hunter had set a trap. Blake Leopard’s leg was stuck in it.

Seeing all, the squirrel ran to his friends and said, Blake’s foot is trapped in the net. We must help him.

His friends say, but the net is made of iron. What can we do about it?

Maya the squirrel says, the net is made of iron, but the net is tied with ropes. We will cut the ropes.

Maya’s friend says we have to hurry. Maya says one of you two, take care of the surrounding, and both of us will cut the ropes.

Maya and her friend went to Blake and started cutting the rope. The rope was very thick, but both the squirrels did not give up. In this way, Blake somehow escaped from there. Then Blake thanks, Maya.

The squirrel said you helped me earlier, when I was in trouble, then it is my duty to help you in trouble.

Moral of the story

Unity is strength.

4. The Three Little Angry Birds Story

Angry Birds and his family lived on a mountain. His house was on a very tall tree.

Here Angry Birds lived with his two brothers, a sister, and mom dad.

The school was just on vacation, so Angry Birds was bored sitting at home. He was bored by flying around the house all day.

So the three Angry Birds complained to their parents and asked them to take them for a walk.

Then Angry Bird’s father said, let’s go to the hill in front of your uncle’s house.

But all the three Angry Birds used to go to the hill in front of their uncle’s house on almost every vacation. So Angry Birds told Papa not to take us there and take him for a walk on some nice beach.

Beau Angry Birds Said: Daddy, my friend Parrott just went to a beautiful island with his mom and dad, he was very appreciative there, we have to go there.

After listening to all three Angry Birds, Dad decides to go to the beautiful island instead of going to his uncle’s house on the hill in front.

The next day Angry Birds and his family left for the island. Everyone had a lot of fun when they reached there.

The three kids of Angry Birds were delighted to see the beautiful vast blue sea and the white sand on the beach. There was a coconut tree some distance away from the sea.

Where Angry Birds’ family had decided to live. The first day passed happily, the next morning Angry Birds’ parents were sitting on the beach while the three kids were playing on the beach.

All three had gone too far to play Angry Birds. The attention of mom and dad was not on these three Angry Birds. After all the three Angry Birds had gone a long way, they felt very hungry. The evening was falling. It was getting dark.

All three Angry Birds were afraid that they had to go to their parents. But he had gone so far that he did not know how to reach his parents. All three were hungry and tired, all three could not walk properly. All three Angry Birds were very nervous.

But all three had to reach their mom and dad somehow, so we walked a little longer, but suddenly a big crocodile appeared on the beach.

If all three of them went ahead, the crocodile might have eaten him. So the three Angry Birds got a little scared. Later, suddenly someone’s voice came from behind.

The three Angry Birds looked back together. So there stood a beautiful white horse behind him, with a horn on its head and a rainbow tail.

Those three Angry Birds got a little nervous, they started crying and said please, don’t do anything to us, we have to go to our mother.

The horse said: Do not panic, I am a unicorn, all three of you sit on my back, I will save you from this crocodile and take you to your parents.

One by one, all three sat on the back of the unicorn and all three took Angry Birds to their parents. Mom and dad were also looking for all three Angry Birds.

Seeing the three Angry Birds, their parents were very happy.

Then Angry Birds said: Mommy and Daddy, we’ve been saved from great trouble by this magic horse, by the way, its name is Unicorn.

But from today we will just call it a magic horse, because if it wasn’t there who knows what would have happened to us? He has saved us from the big crocodile.

After hearing this entire unicorn said going away, “Now be careful not to go anywhere alone. Because every time no one will come to save you.”

Moral of the story

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

5. The Little Rhino Story

Animal Moral Stories For Kids

There was a village near a forest. Different types of trees are found in this forest. The trees of this forest were so dense that very little sunlight could reach the ground.

This dense forest was home to a variety of animals. A group of monkeys also lived in the forest; the name of the leader of this group was Vincent.

And there was also a herd of sparrows, the leader name of this sparrow herd was Cooper. There lived a big family of Danny frogs in a small lake in this forest.

Shaggy fox’s family also lived in this forest, in this family Shaggy’s siblings, uncles; maternal uncles were part of this family.

Sam Rabbit also lived here and the whole village knew him. There was also a deer family here and the main leader of this herd was Henry(deer).

All the animals lived together in this forest. But sometimes they used to fight among themselves but there was a lot of brotherhood among them, they used to help each other in difficult times.

After some time a rhino came to live in this forest. The name of this rhino was George. George the rhino lived alone in the forest.

After being alone for a few days he got bored and there was no one to play with him. There was no one in this forest to talk to George.

George was thinking one day that I should now make new friends in this forest. One day George went out for a walk in the forest, while on the way a monkey appeared on a neem tree, Rhino said, my name is George Rhino. What is your name?

Monkey says my name is Vincent Monkey, George says will you be my friend? I live alone, I get very bored. Vincent the monkey said, you are too fat.

Then the monkey says that I am very thin. And I live on a tree. Can you climb trees? That’s why we can’t be friends. Make friends with someone like you. The Rhino left in despair.

While walking on the road, he saw a sparrow who was sitting on a plant. The Rhino said my name is George Rhino. What is your name? Sparrow said, my name is Cooper sparrow. Then George said dear sparrow, will you be my friend?

The cooper sparrow, dear George, you are so fat, you can’t even fly. That’s why we can’t be friends.

Saying this cooper sparrow flew away, George was again disappointed. Then proceeded from there.

Then he saw a frog on the way to the Rhino. The Rhino looked at the frog and said. The Rhino said my name is George Rhino. What is your name? The frog said, “My name is Danny.” George said dear Danny, will you be my friend?

The frog said, Brother, I keep jumping in my water, you cannot jump in the water, you cannot come in deep water like me. . Hence “we can’t be friends.

George was thinking in my mind, it seems that no one will become my friend in the forest.

Then on the way, George saw a deer. The Rhino said my name is George Rhino. What is your name? Deer says my name is Henry. Does George rhino say henry bro will you be my friend?

Henry said you cannot run as fast as me. I don’t like to walk slowly like you. That’s why we can’t be friends.

George nodded and moved on. There he saw a fox on the way. George was pleased and went to him. Rhino said my name is George Rhino. What is your name?

The fox said, my name is Shaggy. George rhino said, will you be friends with me? Shaggy said, no brother! If you stay with me, seeing you my prey will run away.

George nodded and moved on. After a while, he saw a tiger in front of him. In the forest all the animals started running away, everyone started shouting in parts, the tiger has come, and the tiger has come.

Rhino said my name is George Rhino. What is your name?

The tiger said you are so courageous that you ask my name? Rhino, you run away from here, see all my victims also ran away.

Rhino said how good all the animals are in the forest. You don’t bother them. The tiger shouted and said, get out of here or else I will eat you.

The tiger said, do all these animals look like your relatives? Rhino said, no, there is no relative, but still, I will save him! The tiger said to Rhino, looks like you are going to die today!

At this, a fight starts between the two. Rhino bowed his head and hit the tiger in the stomach. Rhino was very heavy. Rhino’s horn pierced the tiger’s stomach.

Rhino threw the tiger too far from its horn. Blood started pouring out of the tiger’s stomach. The tiger now panicked and ran to save his life. Rhino ran after him and drove the tiger away from the forest.

As Rhino was returning to the forest, vincent monkey, cooper sparrow, Danny frog, shaggy fox, sam hare, henry deer all came together and said, George, you are a true friend of all of us, you saved all of us lives Even though we refused to make you friends.

George was very happy and said, Wow! Now all of you will be my friends! Then I’ll enjoy it. In this way, all the animals became good friends with George.

Moral of the story

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

6. The Value of Friendship Story

Short Moral Stories For Kids in English

One day David, who is studying in fifth grade, goes to stay with his Mom in the village at his grandmother’s house during the summer vacations. There is a nice fun garden in the courtyard of grandmother’s house.

There is a mango orchard behind my grandmother’s house. David loves seeing so much greenery on the way from city to village. After a few days, two or three boys of his age living in the same vicinity become friends of David. In no time everyone becomes very good friends.

David used to play with his friends all day and eat lots of fresh mangoes together. David was a little greedy. David used to play with his friends all day, but eat mangoes alone in the house; he did not share mangoes with any of his friends.

One day David’s grandmother and mom saw all this incident, then grandmother and mom explained to David that he should give mangoes to his friends too. David did not understand even after much persuasion.

David lived alone in the city because he had few friends in the city. That’s why David did not like to share his things with anyone. That’s why David became such a habit. He doesn’t give anything to anyone he likes.

One day David went outside the village while cycling with his friends.

Since being outside the village, there was no one to interrupt them all. Then there all the friends used to have a lot of fun together and used to cycle very fast. David was very naughty. David was cycling very fast when David fell from the cycle due to a pothole. David got injured in the leg and started bleeding.

Then David’s friends take him home by putting his bicycle behind. And other friends come home with his bicycle.

All of David’s friends helped David a lot during this difficult time. David’s mom treated David with a first aid box lying in the house. David’s mom thanked all of David’s friends.

Then in the evening all of David’s friends go home. While resting on the bed, David is understood by his mom that only good friends help you in difficult times. In this way, David’s mom understood the importance of friends.

David’s mom tells him that you should also share your things with your friends; we should not be very selfish.

You should not hide anything from them. Everything should be shared and all friends should stick together. You fell today and see how all your friends helped you; they even left you at home.

David realizes his mistake that there is nothing more important in life than friends. He regrets the selfishness shown by David for mangoes.

Then the next day David’s friends come to his house to meet David, and then David gave mangoes to all the friends from the front and all together ate a lot of mangoes.

Moral of the story

Choose your friends wisely.

7. The Doraemon and his Friends Story

Friends Moral Stories For Kids

One day Max and his friends met in the garden at 6 pm and Max said, what shall we all play today?

All friends asked to play hide and seek in unison. But Penny, a friend of max, did not respond. Seeing Penny sitting quietly, Victor said: Penny, why are you sitting silently today? Don’t you want to play with us? Penny said “Vicky, I’m not in the mood today.

Why did the victor say? Penny quote Today in the online class, the teacher just told me that the school will start soon. Then we will not need to study online, we will have to go to school again soon. Victor, do you think we will have to go to school for 5 to 6 hours a day again like before.

We will have to do a lot of school homework again, we will not get time to play, how boring will it all be. Victor and his friends said to Penny, “Penny is right, it will stop playing as before after school starts and nobody likes that.” penny says: I love watching Doraemon cartoons.

Doraemon is so much fun in his school. I also want to go to a school where there is no study and only fun.

I don’t enjoy going to my school at all. Penny said to your friends tell me do you all like school like Doraemon’s school? All the friends liked this point of penny and all together said yes.

When everyone was talking about Doraemon, suddenly someone’s voice came from behind. Are you talking to me guys? Everyone looked back and saw Doraemon himself standing there. Everyone was surprised to see him. Lilly says: Hey Doraemon, am I really you? Actually?

Doraemon says: Yes friends, I had to come here after listening to all of you. Look, guys, I have come to tell you that even though my cartoons show me having fun in school, but I am not studying, so I am still at the same place I was 1 year ago.

You all study well, so every year you go from one class to another. This is our study time, we can have fun and play in it but we should study during school time.

Now whenever schools open, you should go to school with enthusiasm instead of finding excuses not to go there. If you go to school, you will be able to progress in your life only when you learn something new and if you move forward, you will be able to have more fun than me.

So today I would like to say to all the friends who like Doraemon that if school starts whenever you want, you all will go to school with complete safety and care. Only by the teaching of a teacher, we will be able to move forward in life.

Moral of the story

Don’t get discouraged over small things.

8. The Crow and The Cuckoo Story

Short Moral Stories For Kids

There was a forest; many birds lived in that forest. A parrot also lived in the forest, his name was Peter. Peter Parrot decided to open a school in the woods to teach birds.

So Peter called a gathering of all the birds and it was attended by Doves, crows, cockroaches, cuckoos, sugars, woodpeckers, etc. Then, Peter, the parrot announced the idea of ​​opening the school, all the birds liked Peter’s suggestion.

Peter started school under a big tree near a beautiful lake. Two kingfishers were tasked to build a fence around the school. The peacock was entrusted with the task of installing mirrors and arranging water. Such schools started running very well.

Peter Parrot, along with keeping all the birds clean, also taught beautiful stories, new songs, and many new games.

Peter also kept a mirror so that every bird could see whether his body was clean or not. So all the birds would look in the mirror to see if their body was clean or not.

It’s just a matter of one day, the cuckoo had written number 6 in his slate. Writing on the board, the cuckoo stood up to look at her body in front of the mirror.

Then a black crow came near the mirror and his eyes fell on the mirror. The reflection of what the cuckoo had written on the board was visible in the mirror. The crow did not like that someone should overtake him in studies in the whole school. The crow was also very quarrelsome, he was very proud of his ability.

Looking in the mirror he asked the cuckoo, “Hey cuckoo, what is this?” You have written 6 on the board. So did you have to write till 6?’

The cuckoo said, “No, dear crow, where did I write ‘9’ on the board? I have written 6.”

crow said ‘You are lying that you have written 6 that. You must be far ahead of me in writing, tell the truth?:’

“No, I have written only 6,” said the cuckoo.

The crow said, “No, no, you only wrote 9.”

Later, there was a fight between the two over the matter of 6 and 9. The crow was ready to kill the cuckoo. The crow was more efficient and stronger than the cuckoo in fighting.

The cuckoo knew the power of the crow. Therefore, in time, the cuckoo flew straight to the parrot and complained to Peter about the crow. At that time the parrot was explaining something to the other birds. The parrot sent off the other birds, and asked the cuckoo, what problem do you two have with each other?

Then crow also came there and said the crow. This cuckoo had written 9 on its board. So I asked him, ‘You know how to write till 9! Then he told me that I have written six.’

Peter took the board in his hand and saw 6 written inside. He immediately pointed to the crow and asked, “what is written on the board?’ The crow replied looking at the board. Peter said that the cuckoo has written 6 on the board. The crow started thinking and said that maybe I saw it in the mirror, so I must have made a mistake.

Peter said OK, but how did you know that what you saw in the mirror was written as 9? The cuckoo does not even know how to write 9. Tell the truth crow

The crow said till 10 I have learned to write at home. That’s why I know the number 9. At last, the crow told the truth.

Peter said it is a good thing that you learned to write till 10. But you should help others learn more. Instead, you quarreled with the cuckoo. This is not good. In this way the crow’s lie was caught, he accepted his mistake. Then the cuckoo pardoned the crow.

Moral of the story

Choose your friends wisely.

9. Elephant and Friends Story

Animal Moral Stories For Kids

There was a lake in a forest. There lived an elephant in this forest, his name was Max, and there lived a pyre cheetah, his name was Calvin.

One day all the animals were bathing in the lake in the afternoon due to very hot weather. They were making fun of each other by throwing water at each other, but the max elephant stood silently on the shore looking at everyone.

Seeing Max standing in despair, Calvin said to the pyre, why are you standing silently? ‘Come on Max, we’ll have a lot of fun in the water. The water will not even feel hot. Look, all the animals are having fun in the water.

Max said ‘I am very afraid of water. What if I drown in water because I am overweight? I once saw a pig drowning in water. So I’m right here on the edge. I see you here from afar. Max said you all take a bath then we will all play other games on the shore as usual.’

Seeing Max standing alone, all the animals did not like to see this. But everyone was helpless. How can Max be brought to Koi Lake? How to get over his fear of water? All the animals were getting upset thinking like this.

One day all the animals gathered and there was also a fox, some animals said to the fox, ‘You foxes are very intelligent animals. We hope you will have some solution to put an end to your fear of max.

The fox said ‘You give me two days, I will find some solution.’

After much brainstorming, he finally found a solution the next day. The fox told all the other animals except max as his solution and asked everyone to cooperate. The fox’s measure made all the animals happy.

A few days later, at noon, all the animals gathered on the banks of the lake. “Today we will play the game first and then we will all go to the lake to take a bath,” said the fox. So Max doesn’t have to be alone on Jill’s edge.’

Max was very pleased with the words of the fox. Montu said, “But tell me which game shall we play?”

The fox said ‘So listen to all of you, we will all play the game of blind band.’

Some animals said ‘First you tell me how to play?’

The fox said, ‘First we will draw a big circle. In this, all the animals have to stay in that circle. The animal at stake has to be blindfolded and catch an animal. The bet will be on whoever is caught.

Max said It’s a great game. Max said, first put a bandage on my eyes.’ Speaking about which the fox blindfolded his eyes. Other animals checked to see if the bandage was properly tied.

Everyone was enjoying the game a lot. Now that max has been caught, Max’s bet is up. Then the cheetah tied a bandage over his eye.

Now Max ran to catch them all. All the animals slowly started taking Max to the shore of the lake. Max started moving in the direction of Sonic. Thus took Max to the lake.

Max started panicking as soon as Max felt water in his feet. Seeing him getting nervous, Chita removed the bandage from his eyes. Max was now in the middle of the lake water.

All the animals said Nothing will happen to you. Look you’re still in the water, but where did you drown? We are all with you. Max’s fear worked a little.

Max also started having fun in the water now. All the animals started blowing water to the max. Max also started filling the trunk with water and started blowing up all the animals.

He started enjoying playing in the water. Now Max is not afraid of water at all.

Moral of the story

Happiness is enjoying the little things in life.

10. The Tale of Two Brothers Story

Moral Stories For Kids in English

Two brothers lived in a village. One was named Max and the other was named Calvin. He had a small farm in that village.

By cultivating this small farm, both the brothers used to feed themselves and their old mother. Once there was a drought in the village for two consecutive years.

Max says: Brother if I move to another city and work, I will be able to earn more money. And our house will run well! Calvin said yes you are right.

Max then left the village to find a job, after three days Max arrived in a big city.

There he met the owner of a big company, his name was Donald.

Donald (the owner of the company) says, I will keep you on the job, but you will have to accept my one condition and the condition is that you have to do the job for a long time, you cannot leave in the middle. And if you want to leave the job, I will cut off all your hair. If I fire you, you will cut off all my hair.

Max was very surprised that what such a condition? Then Max thought. Yes, I have to work! Then max said yes to him.

A month later, Max returned to his village. Younger brother Calvin was shocked to see his elder brother’s condition. Max became very thin, bones were visible.

Max told his younger brother about Donald. Calvin says, Don’t worry bro! You stay here for a few days and get healthy again, and then I go to work there. I will teach Donald (the owner of the company) a lesson!

A month later, Calvin arrived in that big city and went to the company’s owner’s house. Calvin said to Donald, I want to work here.

Donald said. I’ll give you a job but the condition is that I will cut the hair of all your heads when I told you to leave the job” Calvin said, “If you fire me, then without my fault?” Then you will cut off all my hair.

Calvin says: I agree with your bet! Let us settle the condition by going to the lawyer. Donald agreed and a settlement was reached. and then hired Calvin.

Then one morning Donald says to Calvin: ‘We have a 100-acre farm. You go to my house and there my wife will give you a pot of honey and bread. Donald was very arrogant and selfish.

Donald says: Listen! If you feel like eating on the way, you can eat honey without opening the pot and eat the bread without eating the edges of the bread. While coming in the evening, bring some vegetables with you.

Calvin says, ‘Ok sir!’ Calvin reached the farm and slept under the shade of a tree.

Then in the afternoon when he opened his eyes, he washed his hands and feet and sat down to eat.

Then he cut the bread into pieces in such a way that the sides of the bread would not break. And he made a hole in the honey pot. This is how he ate the food.

Calvin fell asleep again after having dinner. Woke up in the evening and returned to Donald’s house. plucked some leaves along the way.

Donald says: ‘What have you brought?’ Calvin says: Donald I brought the cards! Because vegetables were not found.

Donald says: ‘Bring the honey pot, then we will sit down to eat.’ But when Calvin gave the pitcher of honey, Donald was shocked.

Then when Donald asked for bread, Calvin gave it on the side of the bread. Donald says: “What have you done?”

Calvin said as you told me that you can eat honey without opening the pot and you can eat bread without eating the edges of the bread.

Donald thought. Calvin looks so smart! He threatened Calvin. Are you tricking me?

Calvin says: What cleverness in this I did as you said. Donald gets upset and says you will only do my household chores from tomorrow.

Then Calvin went to work at home. Donald’s wife said: ‘Dry all the clothes.’ Then Calvin went to the courtyard and kept the clothes dry on the ground.

Calvin used to do the opposite. Then Donald’s wife got angry and said that Calvin does not do any work. He told Calvin to let you be Sara Lungi.

Calvin rested at home all day and ate twice with ease. Donald was having trouble with Calvin’s job, but what would he do if he fired Calvin from the job, then he would have to cut his hair according to the condition.

The next day Donald said: Calvin, you have to go to another city, my wife. So you find a bullock cart and in it, you go to another city. And do it all quickly.

Donald had forgotten to give the address in the city, so Calvin kept moving his wife from one place to another all day.

Then when everyone came to Calvin at home, Donald got very angry and said, Stupid, you don’t listen to me, what are your problems with me? Calvin said, Donald, what was my mistake in doing what you said?

Now Donald’s tolerance was over. He said You cut off all my hair. But don’t come to the job from tomorrow.

Calvin said: Donald when you do wrong to others, you will always be wronged.

Moral of the story

Always learn the Art of Appreciating the Little Things in Life.


Here’s a quick recap on the 10 best short moral stories:

  1. The Ant and The Dove
  2. The Little Frog
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We hope your kids liked these short yet interesting stories with morals that we have read growing up! There are more and more stories with morals.

Read the above short moral stories to your kids, we are sure they will enjoy listening to these stories. Furthermore, these short stories with moral values will even teach your children some important lessons which they will remember always.

What are good morals for stories?

While morals tend to be driven by personal beliefs and values, there are certainly some common morals that most people agree on, such as:

  • Happiness is enjoying the little things in life.
  • We should always love and care for what we have.
  • Always learn the Art of Appreciating the Little Things in Life.
  • Don’t take any decision in haste.
  • Don’t get discouraged over small things.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • We should always learn new things in life.

Which is the best moral story?

Here are some more best short moral stories for kids:

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  • The Three Little Angry Birds.
  • Elephant and Friends.

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