25 Best Short Moral Stories for Kids

Stories are, perhaps, the best way to teach life lessons to children. You can teach them the values and morals without being preachy.

Want to expand your children’s vocabulary? Read to them. That’s all it takes and there are other benefits to reading aloud to young children as well.

There is a large selection of short moral stories for kids online. They range from the classics like The arrogant horse and the donkey, The Little Mermaid Story. To help you out, we’ve gathered a selection of the most 25 popular stories for kids to read.

25 Short Moral Stories For Kids

1) The arrogant horse and the donkey

The arrogant horse and the donkey | Stories For Kids

An old man had a horse and a donkey. One day the old man was going to the market with a horse and a donkey.

it was very sunny that day. Large bundles of clothes were placed on the back of the donkey while no luggage was placed on the back of the horse.

The poor donkey was annoyed by the weight placed on his back and could not walk properly.

When the donkey got very tired, he said to the horse: ‘I am tired because of the weight on my back. Take some weight off your back.’

The horse said: ‘Wow brother! Why should I lift your load? That work is yours, not mine, the only king sits on my back. I’m a royal ride, understand? ‘

The poor donkey became very quiet on hearing this. After a while, he could not walk properly because he was very tired due to the load, the donkey fell due to fatigue, his eyes came out due to thirst.

The old man saw the donkey’s condition and realized his mistake, so he immediately gave them water to drink for the donkey.

The old man put the load on the horse’s back. In fact, the weight of the cloth bag was too much, that is why its legs started to bend due to fatigue, now even the horse realized its mistake.

He started thinking: ‘If I had obeyed the donkey and taken half of its weight, I would not have had to carry so much weight now!

Moral of the story: Choose your friends wisely.

2) The Little Mermaid Story for kids

The Little Mermaid Story - short moral stories for kids- sooperstories

There was a beautiful palace called ‘Sea Heaven’ at the bottom of the vast Atlantic Ocean, this palace was made of dark blue color.

Dark blue colored lights were placed around the palace so the palace shone like diamonds. She was a beautiful princess to the king of the palace, her name was Ms. Fairy but because she was a water fairy, everyone called her a Ms. Mermaid.

Even though the mermaid was the princess of the palace, her nature was very simple and calm. He had many friends.

She Takes all the fish from his region to his palace and has a nice meal, gives him his beautiful clothes, and plays a lot together.

The king is very proud of his daughter. The king thinks that even at such a young age his daughter is proud of how cultured, sensible, and good-natured she is.

It often happens that if a small fish falls ill in the land of the mermaids, the mermaid will take the doctor to her house and get her treated. Thus the Ms. Mermaid was highly respected throughout the state.

One day the Ms. Mermaid and all her friends floated away from the palace. Everyone was so tired from swimming so all the friends thought we should rest here for a while.

All the fish and Ms. mermaid liked it so they decided to stop and relax. For a while everyone was sleeping peacefully, there was a sound from a distance, this sound was slowly approaching.

All the fish looked in the direction of the sound, no one was seen, but suddenly there was a big flash and who knows, the shark came from somewhere. Seeing Ms. Mermaid, he said – “oh, you are the Ms. Mermaid who is praised even at such a young age in every sea?

The mermaid says- I don’t know about it but yes I am the Ms. Mermaid’, so you have any problem with me? The shark says- There can’t be two mermaids in this sea, my beauty was praised before you weren’t, but now as people get to know you, your beauty and nature are praised everywhere. So Today I will finish you, and then only I will be praised here.

The mermaid was scared when she heard this, but the army of all the other fish suddenly attacked the shark, injuring it, and said to the shark, so do good deeds like a Ms. Mermaid first and then hope for praise.

The shark escaped and Ms. Mermaids and fishes came home. When the king heard about this, he thanked the fishes. The fishes said king it is our duty to save the one who cares about us. The fruit of good deeds is always there.

Moral of the story: unity is strength.

3) The Colorful Sky Stories for kids with moral

the colorful sky - short moral stories for kids - sooperstories
The Colorful Sky | stories for kids moral to read

There lived a girl in a small village, her name was Rose. Rose likes colors very much, even if she sits down to draw, she is happy to see the colors.

Whether it’s her birthday or the number one in school, Rose Always asks her dad for colors as a gift. Knowing this hobby of Rose, her dad told Rose one day, “Daughter, we are going to visit Mt. Waialeale this evening. And you know, there are seven beautiful colors in the sky during the rainy season in Mt. Waialeale.

Meaning the whole sky becomes colorful. Would you like to see the colorful sky? Rose was overjoyed to hear this. It was a pleasure to visit Mt. Waialeale, as well as a joy to see the colorful sky.

Rose and her family reached Mt. Waialeale that evening. Mt. Waialeale was only a two to three-hour drive from Kauai, so rose and her family reached Mt. Waialeale at night.

Arriving at night, rose asked her dad the first question, “Daddy, will I see the colorful sky tomorrow?” rose was happy to hear Dad’s answer and fell asleep.

It was slowly raining early the next morning at 6 p.m. Rose and her family went to Sunrise Point in the rain. Going there, Rose jumped up and said, Wow, Dad, this is my rainbow sky.

There are so many beautiful colors here. Dad, all these colors must have come from my color box to the sky? Dad started laughing and lovingly explained to Rose, No, daughter, all these colors are visible in the sky when the sun shines at the same time as it rains in the monsoon. This is called a rainbow.

Rose says, Daddy is all about science. But for me, the rainbow is my colorful sky. All these colors are my friends.

Dad laughed when he heard this from little Rose, and said, daughter, for you, this rainbow sky and all the colors in this sky, your friends, and for me, all these colors are full of joy, which My little one brings all the big smiles on Rose’s face.

Moral of the story: happiness is enjoying the little things in life.

4) The Bear & The Butterfly | Stories for kids with moral

The Bear & The Butterfly - stories for kids

There lived a bear in a forest, his name was Fuzzy. Fuzzy did not like the hustle and bustle of the forest so he built a farm at the end of the forest.

On this farm, Fuzzy used to cultivate his favorite strawberries and live comfortably. In addition to cultivating strawberries, Fuzzy was crazy about flowers.

Fuzzy used to go to the surrounding forest every day to find new flowers. Fuzzy liked fragrant flowers very much. However, Fuzzy never traded in flowers. He used to give flowers to the animals that came out from around his farm.

One day Fuzzy went out on a walk of flowers as per his schedule. Fuzzy used to come to this place every day so the whole surrounding environment was familiar with it.

Fuzzy was eating strawberries while looking at the flowers. Two or three butterflies passed over him talking. The first butterfly looked at Fuzzy and said, Look there is a mad bear with a killer nose.

Listening to the butterfly, Fuzzy choked. He scratched his ear. Butterfly smiled and said, he doesn’t even realize that he picks the many flowers every day. That’s why how much trouble we must have had!

This was completely new for Fuzzy. He immediately stopped the butterflies and asked sternly,

I’m taking very few flowers, why do you bother?

After listening to Fuzzy’s words, Butterfly immediately said, we are the ones who are in trouble. This natural flower is created for only butterflies. You break the flowers every day, so our food is declining day by day.

Butterflies were right, The Beatles, butterflies, and the insects that feed on them are most in need of flowers for them.

Fuzzy never thought of such a thing. Fuzzy was in thought. Their butterfly said again,

You always carry nice fragrant flowers. We don’t even touch flowers that are not useful to us.

This is a beautiful flower in front of you, but your eyes are on the sunflowers far away. Fuzzy looked down and there was a small flower. He picked it up and smelled it, so there was no smell. Fuzzy fell into thought and the butterfly said,

Fuzzy, love for flowers does not always come from the nose, sometimes tries to see its beauty with the eyes.

Fuzzy was sad to hear about the butterflies.

He would often look at the flowers on the ground in the distance, and sniff the flowers without the scent.

After looking around for a long time, then he realized that he had been coming here for many years but the number of flowers was very low now.

Fuzzy realized that the butterflies were right, if you want to pick flowers, first you have to plant flowers.

After cultivating strawberries and sharing beautiful flowers, now Fuzzy has got a new job forever that is, planting flowers.

Now Fuzzy goes there every day. And he can also take the fun of flowers from the eyes.

If he feels like picking a flower, sometimes he picks it and he bends down a little and sniffs it comfortably.

Moral of the story: Always learn the Art of Appreciating the Little Things in Life.

5) Little Lion and his cycle Stories for kids in english with moral

Little Lion and his cycle - bedtime stories for kids
Animal stories for kids moral to read

The Lion King and his family lived in the Jungle. As quiet and decent as the lion king, his son Sam was just as naughty.

On Sam’s birthday this year, Sam was given a beautiful funky bicycle by his father. and on the other hand, Sam was very naughty. He would ride his bicycle all day and make noise.

How many times Sam would have strayed his bicycle to small animals and how many times would he have threatened these animals, and threatened that if I would ride a bicycle on you if someone told my father.

Because of the fear of Sam, no one would complain to his father.

Once a day, Sam used to crush a small animal with his bicycle. It was a lot of fun for him.

Seeing someone fall and hit him, Sam stood far away and laughed out loud.

In the same forest, there was an elephant policeman, his name was max. As soon as Sam sees that Max is coming, sam starts cycling peacefully.

Thus this prank of sam neither reaches his father nor reaches Max, sam understood one thing that Everyone is afraid of me so will not complain to my father.

The situation became such that other animals in the forest were scared to let their chicks play or go for a walk anywhere and all the poor chicks had to stay at home, so sam came up with another trick, annoying the cubs when they go out to school.

Once the Lion King went out for a walk in the garden, he saw that the garden was empty and no one was there.

The king asked his friend fox why no children were seen in the garden? The fox said all have stopped playing outside out of fear of sam’s bicycle.

The king was very surprised to hear this and devised a plan for Is it really so or not.

One day the fox’s son went to play in the garden, Sam was also there and Max(police elephant) was also hiding there.

Sam saw the fox cub and chased the bicycle behind him and pushed him down and then Max came and grabbed sam and threatened him and sent him to jail.

sam was very angry and kept shouting at first but nothing happened and he cried and begged Max that I want to meet my father. Please call, then the king came and told sam that you have to stay here now because all I know is that you are harassing all the children in the forest.

sam started crying when he heard this and he promised his father that from now on I will not bother anyone, please give me a chance. The lion king’s ploy succeeded and sam got a lesson.

Moral of the story: You should obey your elders.

6) Where’s my teddy?

Where's my teddy story for kids

There was a city where a lot of people lived. A 12-year-old boy lived in it. His name was Ronnie. He had many friends, all of the same age and apartment, in the same school.

It was summer vacation, so every day all these friends went out to play in the afternoon. Playing new good games every day.

One day when Ronnie went shopping with his mom, he liked a teddy bear. He dragged his mom away, and he insisted on giving it to his mother. Mom gave the purchase to Ronnie.

Ronnie was overjoyed. He went home and showed his teddy bear to all the members of the house and his friends. And then he started playing with a new teddy bear.

One day, while everyone was playing with a teddy bear, a fight broke out between the children. The fight turned into a teddy bear tug and the teddy bears split into a two-piece.

Ronnie was very sad to see this. He felt very wrong. He stopped talking to his friends. As well as not going out anywhere.

When Ronnie’s friends found out about this, they came to convince Ronnie. He says to Ronnie, Let go, forget everything, forgive us and come play with us. Still, Ronnie doesn’t convince. His mom persuades but is still not convinced.

All the friends collected money from their own pocket money and they brought a new teddy bear for Ronnie and gifted him. Ronnie was happy to see this and he forgave all his friends.

Moral of the story: Don’t take any decision in haste.

7) Importance of Cleanliness | Stories for kids in english with moral

importance of cleanliness | stories for kids

There was a big forest called Newlands Forest there were a lot of garbages in this forest, lots of people pass by but they ignore it, you can see polythene bags and other garbage.

People used to dump all the garbage there, so the animals of this forest died in large numbers but still, people did not stop dumping garbage there, so it created a lot of trouble.

But there was a new teacher in a school on the side of the forest. He found out about this forest. But when he visited, his heart melted. He wrote a letter to the Environmental Protection Committee, but no action was taken.

In the end, he sent a letter through the village Committee but nothing happened. Now, this teacher could not bear this so he decided one thing that we need to be more confident in ourselves rather than relying on others.

The next day he immediately prepared the student from his school and gave an address about this forest. Then formed a team of ten-ten students in two parts. And went on a visit to the Newlands Forest, where he continued cleaning from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The whole forest was cleared and various instructions were issued. It forbade to throw garbages in the forest and painted the trees with white natural lime and made cardboard nests for the birds and hung them on the trees and then came home.

Then he went to his school in the morning. There was the chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee.

He apologized for not accepting the notice. And then arranged volunteers to take care of this forest. And in the end, he rewarded the entire cleaning team. And the villagers also vowed not to throw garbage anymore.

Moral of the story: We should take care of our environment.

8) The Cat And The Birds, a Short Story For Kids

The Cat And The Birds, a Short Story - sooperstories.com
stories for kids moral to read

There were two tiny birds, One’s name was Jack and the other was David. Both live by building a nest on the shores of a lake.

There was a lot of fish in the pond. Jack and David loved to fish but could not hunt like big birds. They could only eat stale fish left by big birds. One day Jack and David were sitting on the stalks and talking. Suddenly there came a cat from somewhere.

They were both amazed to see the cat with the fishing rod in their hands. Before he could think of anything else, the cat caught the big fish with the fish road. He put the fish in a bucket and started walking.

David said, did you eat fresh fish? Let me give you a fish party today!

jack said this unknown cat is much stronger than us. With That fish, he will eat us too. David said, Let’s go now, don’t be afraid, Jack go with the cat. David also came from behind. In an instant, both the birds sat on the cat’s fish rod. Both birds were small so the cat didn’t seem to care.

Jack started his own game to get the fish. He said, sorry Mr. cat. We are very tired from flying so we are sitting here to relax. We got this king’s message so we had to fly from far away.

The cat asked, what happened to king?

We don’t know. We’re his special cook, so the king must have thought of eating something new.

Hearing the name dishes, the cat’s mouth watered. He said, wow you have a party all time. Making and eating new dishes every day. I have to eat fish and eat rats every day!

Jack made the next move. He said, there is nothing as fun as cat’s fish, but if we have made this David. He once made fish for the king. It was so tasty that king ate fish every day for a whole month! The cat now really got into both. He said, yes, but now who can cook such a nice fish for me?

As soon as the cat said about the issue, Jack said, “Oh, we are!”, even if you wait for a while, we will make and give you a nice fish.

The cat was happy. Thanking both of them, he rushed to her house. As soon as the cat came home, jack-David gave the cat a long list of spices.

The cat, happy with the idea of eating hand-cooked mast fish by king’s cooks, ran towards the market.

As soon as the cat left, because the cat had gone to the market, seeing the opportunity, they both quietly ate the fish caught by the cat and flew away.

Moral of the story: A sharp mind is the greatest strength.

9) The Rabbit and the carrot story stories for kids to read

The Rabbit and the carrot story for childrens
short moral stories for kids

Rabbits are said to be like carrots the most, but what is said is not always true for everyone.

Something similar happened to Binny Rabbit. The carrot season had arrived in the fields and the rabbit world was in an uproar.

But Binny’s rabbit was upset; the reason for his trouble was the carrot.

I don’t know why Binny has been disgusted with carrots since childhood.

Binny would go hungry one day but would not eat carrots and would fight with him if anyone insisted.

Binny had a brother his name is jack. Jack was very different from Binny, he loved carrots very much and in the carrot season, he stays around the farm.

Gradually he learned to cultivate carrots himself and grew nice carrots in his own field.

It hurts Binny to never eat carrots. He used to invite Binny to eat carrots on his farm every season, but Binny avoided it in any way.

Trying to understand why Binny disliked carrots, Binny was good at speaking. Forever changing things, and beating them.

Jack did not know how to speak or argue so well. He was busy with his farm work and used to feed carrots to all the animals coming and going.

Binny’s dislike of carrots and Jack’s love for carrots lasted for many years. The two siblings were pretty cool until it came to carrots.

Jack’s reputation in carrot farming was now settled. The carrots of Jack are applauded all around.

Once someone was praising Jack’s carrot. Someone said, if there was such a nice carrot, Then why his sister not eating carrots?

Jack was very upset about this. It just so happened that I couldn’t grow a nice carrot that my sister would like to eat.

Binny was very fond of Jack, if he doesn’t taste the same carrot, what does it mean that people praise him as much as they like?

Binny was also very fond of Jakhu but I don’t know why the thought of eating carrots made him vomit.

To find a solution to Binny’s question, Jack traveled to a nearby village. Did he use to ask the farmers around him how to grow very tasty carrots for my sister binny?

One day Jack met an old farmer. Jack asked for advice about his problem and the farmer said,

Look, brother Jack, this is no big deal. Sometimes this dislike occurs when something is eaten for the first time in childhood and turns out to be bad or not eaten in the same way.

Something similar may have happened to your sister. If you really want to taste very good carrots for your sister, then innovatively grow them. Jack was interested.

After a long discussion, he started innovative carrot cultivation. After a lot of hard work, he grew a carrot on his farm that was much bigger than usual and very different in color, and this carrot was very sweet in taste. In appearance, however, it was a carrot.

Binny will probably get angry just by looking. Jack was scared but he went to Binny. Binny was stunned to see such a big carrot.

Then Binny immediately realized that this was just a normal carrot.

Before Binny could say anything, Jack spoke, Binny, this is the most favorite carrot I have ever grown. I also named it Binny.

If you don’t like it or don’t like it, I will give up carrot farming forever.

Binny stared at her for a long time. Binny finally bit the carrot for the first time in his understanding. Jack is very happy and Binny? He became so busy eating carrots … he became so busy that she forgot all those old things.

Moral of the story: Don’t get discouraged over small things.

10) The Little Doll | stories for kids to read

The Little Doll stories for kids
short moral stories for kids to read

There was a girl his name is Dolly. Dolly had two brothers. When Dolly’s birthday came, her dad gave her a funny doll and she used to play with it every day.

He liked the doll very much and would not let anyone touch his doll.

She would scream if she was lying down somewhere.

She loved the doll as much as a mother loves her daughter.

Dolly would take care of her little doll, change her clothes every day, decorate it every day, keep it with her when she sits down to eat, and sleep with her when she goes to bed at night.

It was as if Mama had fallen in love with Dolly.

Instead, Dolly grew up, finished college, and started preparing for Dolly’s wedding. One day, Dolly got married and Dolly moved abroad.

Seeing Dolly’s doll, her parents missed Dolly very much.

Dolly’s doll was saved by her parents and put in the closet. Whenever Dolly came from her father-in-law, she would take her doll and remember her childhood.

Today Dolly also has a baby like a doll. He loves the daughter as much as he loves the doll in his childhood. This is the story of Dolly’s doll.

Moral of the story: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

11) the kid who loved christmas tree

the kid who loved Christmas tree | short moral stories for kids
the kid who loved Christmas tree | short moral stories for kids

Golu the bear in the Newlands Forest loved Christmas very much. Every year he celebrated Christmas and the New Year of Jesus.

On the eve of Christmas, he became Santa Claus, entertaining and giving gifts to many children around him.

This year too he started preparing for a very good celebration approaching Christmas. He also made a nice Christmas tree in front of his house.

Two sparrows, a rabbit, and a fox lived in the neighborhood of Golu Bear.

His favorite festival is Kutztown Folk Festival. But because of Golu, he also liked Christmas. They are always involved in Golu’s party and having fun.

The day before Christmas, Golu went to meet his friends and buy chocolates. At that time a strong gust of wind came from somewhere.

A strong gust of wind struck the Christmas tree, which was made of rotating gourds. It’s all over! Golu’s Christmas tree was blown away.

Golu loved the Christmas tree. That was the main decoration of his house. Golu’s Christmas tree was blown away by the wind and his neighboring sparrows saw it. He shouted and called out to the rabbit and the fox.

Sparrow said,

Look, this Golu’s Christmas tree was blown away. Now Golu will be very sad when it comes.

The rabbit said that’s right. Whose force is going on in front of the wind! The fox stood calmly.

He said, even if the wind does not blow in front, it will blow in the back of the wind! Golu is our neighborhood. Forever with us. It should not be sad on festive days. Let’s rebuild the Christmas tree before it arrives.

The sparrow and the rabbit immediately agreed to talk about the fox. Decided to rebuild the Christmas tree to please Golu.

But how to make it? None of the three knew how to make a Christmas tree.

When the sparrow flew around, he saw a Christmas tree at a nearby mini-cat house. He immediately told Mini Billy that a Christmas tree had been blown up at Golu’s house and persuaded him to help.

Decided to make the tree as instructed by the mini cat. The sparrows and the rabbit started collecting all the stuff that had been blown away and the fox started making it.

Golu came in as the Christmas tree was about to become.

He was very happy to see his neighbors working hard. The fox started talking about the Christmas tree flying in the wind.

Golu thanked his neighbors a lot and they all ate chocolate together. In it, sparrows flew with ribbons to decorate the Christmas tree. She was also happy to see the tree ready. One sparrow asked Golu,

Hey Golu, why is Christmas celebrated? What does that mean?

Golu said this is the true meaning of Christmas; your neighbors helped me by taking care of me!

Everyone laughed when they heard about Golu and often talked about various festivals like Boston Seafood Festival and many more.

The conversation turned to even and then Golu disguised as Santa Claus went out to give gifts to the children.

Golu’s Christmas tree was shining in the dark and he was saying to everyone, Merry Christmas!

Moral of the story: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

12) The Shepherd Boy and The Sheep

The Shepherd Boy and The Sheep bedtime stories for kids

There was a village. The name of the village was Colmar. The work of the village is the same as the name, everyone gets respect there.

In that village lived a farmer his name is Peter. Peter was a member of a very happy family. The status in the village of Peter was also very high.

There was also a Sam sheepherder in the same village, Peter and Sam were special friends.

One day Kane’s uncle’s house in the village was robbed.

The next day the second place was stolen and the third day the third place was stolen.

All the people of the village were terrified of such a catastrophe. And began to think about what to do to prevent these thefts from happening.

They all decided to hold a meeting at Peter’s house.

The next day, in the evening, someone had to steal jewelry from Peter’s house.

And as the thief was trying to run away with the jewelry, the people who came there saw Peter and the thief started running after him.

Sam heard this sound as he was returning from grazing his sheep.

He saw a man running from a distance and saw Peter and other villagers running behind him.

The idea immediately came to Sam and he kept all his sheep lying on the road.

Seeing the sheep standing horizontally on the road, the thief slowed down, got stuck between the sheep, and finally Sam caught the thief and took all the ornaments from his hands.

The people of the village and Peter highly respected Sam and gave him the award of bravery.

Sam was also happy and the villagers caught the thief and handed him over to the police.

Everyone’s troubles were gone and everyone went home in peace.

Moral of the story: A sharp mind is the greatest strength.

13) Going to the beach ~ stories for kids with moral

Going to the beach stories for kids in English

The Reine Society had a meeting of all the boys and their parents.

All the boys wanted was to take us for a walk in a nice place where we could have fun.

The parents of all the boys gave different places and asked the boys if they would go here or somewhere else.

All the boys had rejected about half a dozen places, now everyone was wondering where to take the kids for a walk where they could have fun.

In it George suggested that my friend Ben had gone to Maui on vacation, he was saying that it would be a lot of fun there. All the children clapped and said, “Yes, let’s go to Maui.” Let’s go to Maui.

Then on the third day, all the people of Reine Society left for Maui. Arriving in Maui, he booked a beautiful fun resort near Maui Beach, which was full of greenery, and a large swimming pool was built here. Seeing this did not surpass the joy of the children.

All the children went to their respective rooms to freshen up and decided to meet by the swimming pool. After about half an hour, all the friends reached the swimming pool, all of them went down to the swimming pool with their big playing balls and jumped into the water with the ball, then got tired and slept in their respective rooms.

Decided to visit Maui beach the next morning. As soon as it was morning, everyone got up and went to see the Maui beach.

After seeing the Maui, we had planned to go directly to Beach from there, so we reached Maui beach directly.

There was no shortage of marine sports here. Seeing this, everyone insisted that we have to sit on banana rides, some insisted that we have to do paragliding, so after enjoying the different rides, all the boys started playing with sand on the beach.

A very large wave of water suddenly came from behind and Sam was dragged far into the water.

Everyone was very scared, but the other big boys playing there who knew how to swim rescued Sam and brought him out.

When Sam came out unscathed, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and together they decided that the first thing they would do when they got home was to put the children in the swimming classes.

So we had a lot of fun on Beach for 3 days and after shopping a lot from there, all the people went back to their homes. Along the way, the boys happily looked at each other’s photos and decided to go back to Maui as soon as the vacation came again.

Moral of the story: We should always learn new things in life.

14) Jimmy and his biscuits | The Importance Of Sharing

Jimmy and his biscuits  The Importance Of Sharing

Jimmy Pig, Nancy Billy, and Rocky lived near Dang.

The owners of the three were neighbors and that is why the three had to meet frequently.

Initially, the three became friends by quarreling over borders and powers. Jimmy, the pig was smarter than Nancy and Rocky.

Nancy and Rocky’s owner, whoever brings a new toy or something to eat, shares it with Jimmy forever, but Jimmy never does that. Nancy and Rocky always explain to Jimmy but Jimmy doesn’t mind giving anything away.

Once Jimmy’s owner brought a special biscuit from abroad. Jimmy had fun because the biscuits were so delicious.

The three met in the evening and Nancy and Rocky learned of a new biscuit. Even if they both want to eat biscuits, what about Jimmy? Jimmy didn’t even give him a biscuit in front of him and even scolded Nancy if she only wanted to see him. Nancy felt sad and cried. Nancy Billy and Rocky Dog are very good friends.

Nancy cried so she got angry at Jimmy but he just sat there.

The next day, Rocky took Jimmy to drink special milk made by his owner.

Jimmy loved sweet milk. He finished all the milk, and he kept going home on his own.

As soon as Jimmy left, Nancy and Rocky followed him. After a while, Jimmy fell asleep. As soon as Jimmy fell asleep Nancy and Rocky broke into the house and took all the biscuits Jimmy had saved.

Jimmy woke up late in the evening and saw that all the biscuits had disappeared. He thought it would be Nancy and Rocky’s plot, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Jimmy sat up sadly. Didn’t even go out in the evening.

After a while, Nancy and Rocky got there. They were accompanied by their owners. Disappointed, Nancy returned all the biscuits to Jimmy.

Rocky said, I was going to eat all the biscuits by putting you to sleep but this Nancy stopped me and told me not to do that with a friend. This takes all your biscuits back. Even though they didn’t give us food, our owner saw the biscuits and brought them to us. Even if you don’t give it to us, we will give you the biscuit you need!

Listening to Rocky, Jimmy regrets his greedy behavior. He apologized to Nancy and Rocky and then all ate biscuits together. The owners of the friendship of the three also found out, so now everyone started bringing three things that everyone brings!

  • Moral of the story: Choose your friends wisely

15) The Little Girl And The Fairy Story for kids

The Little Girl And The Fairy Story for kids

There was a village called Crail. A Sarah and her family lived in that village. Sarah’s parents loved her very much.

Sarah was not clever in the study. So that’s why all the girls used to make fun of him. So that he had no friends.

Because of this, Sarah was sad and always crying, and seeing her in such a state, her mother assured her that “one day someone will become your friend”.

So you won’t be disappointed, all this was being watched by a fairy.

Fairy thought to herself that I should become Sarah’s sister and remove her sadness, and then fairy flew away.

The next day Sarah was asleep and Fairy flew away.

She came to Sweety’s room and said to her, “Sarah, wake up, I am a fairy.” I have come to be your friend. Will you be my friend?

Sarah’s eyes slowly opened and Sweetie spoke whether this is my dream or in fact, the fairy said Sarah this is not your dream. I am a fairy and I have come to be your sister.

From today we are both friends and we will play together every day but you don’t tell anyone about this. Sarah was happy to get such a beautiful sister and as she was leaving, the fairy gave a ring to Sarah and said that she should wear this ring when you feel like playing with me. And I would call him when I felt like it.

Both having a lot of fun. And the fairy also told fairy tales to Sweetie.

Thus, Sarah and fairy became very close friends In this way his loneliness went away.

Moral of the story: Don’t get discouraged over small things

16) George and his cows | Moral Stories for Kids

George and his cows animal story for kids

There was a village called Avebury. The village was small and beautiful. A modest family lived in that village.

The family consisted of George, his mother’s name is Sophia, and his father’s name is Max.

He had a small farm. At the same time, they are also pastoralists. They had cattle like cows, buffaloes, goats, etc. in their house. George gradually grew up so his father Max gradually handed over the responsibility of animal husbandry to George.

George would get up early in the morning and take his cows to pasture. The village came to be known as George the herdsman. Everyone in the village called him little George the herdsman.

George the herdsman used to take the cows to a hill outside the village. He would let the cows graze on the hill. He lets his cows graze on the hill from morning to evening.

One day one of his cows got injured in the leg. His wound was very deep. George took good care of the cow for few days and after a few days, the cow’s leg healed.

George Shepherd raises his cows with great love and affection. He loved her very much.

George Herdsman took over his farm along with animal husbandry and relieved his father of all burdens.

Moral of the story: We should always love and care for what we have.

17) Cake compitition in jungle

Cake compitition in jungle stories for kids

There was a forest called Kingswood. All the animals lived together in it. When there is a vacation, there is a commotion in the forest.

The friendship between the animals of Kingswood was good. No animals or birds fight there. When a festival comes, all the animals come together and decorate the forest.

In addition, different competitions were organized in Jungle. There were competitions like cooking competitions, drawing competitions, etc. Thus, the forest atmosphere of Kingswood was always pleasant.

Now one day an organization team came. All the animals in the forest played different games and one day the team members decided that we should have a cake-making competition in the forest.

All the animals started making cakes. Sabrina the cat made the cake. He first put butter and powdered sugar in a bowl and then frothed it.

Then add baking powder and chocolate essence. Then froth it again. The pudding became so thick that Sabrina the cat put milk inside it. Then he put the butter in an aluminum can and put it inside the pudding. Then he put sand in the cooker and put the aluminum can on top of it.

Sabrina let it bake for 30 to 40 minutes. Then she took out that chocolate cake. Design the flower with white cream on top of the chocolate cake, then stick the cherries to it. Her cake was ready.

Sabrina the cat made a chocolate cake. The big elephant made a pineapple cake. The rocky dog made vanilla cake. The little rat made a strawberry cake.

In the same way, everyone made different cakes. Someone’s cake was heart-shaped, someone’s round, someone’s square, someone’s triangle-shaped cake.

Then the members of the organization said that we will give the first, the second, and the third number of the animal cake which will be good and will encourage everyone else. All the animals had the same concern about whose first number, whose second number, and whose third number would come.

The Sabrina cat came first, the big elephant came second and the Rocky dog came third and everyone else was encouraged. Everyone in the forest cheered and rejoiced. Everyone was entertained.

Lion king of the forest thanked the organization and said, “You have come to our forest and made us have a lot of fun, so I thank you from the forest dwellers and invite you to do such a competition next year as well.”

The people of the organization and the forest dwellers were all very happy to hear this.

Moral of the story: One important key to success is self-confidence. 

18) Singing competition in jungle

Singing competition in jungle stories for children

The Greenwood forest has had a pleasant atmosphere since this morning.

All around, all the animals looked happy and talked to each other.

His friend Lily was coming to Calvin Fox’s house today. So Calvin went to take him to the bus stand.

Lily came and Lily saw that today the atmosphere of the Greenwood is very pleasant. People are squealing. Lily immediately asked Calvin about this?

Calvin says, “Let’s get to know you and take you somewhere.” Lily was happy, saying “let’s go.”

Calvin took Lily to a large field where the big stage was decorated.

Lily is surprised to see this, saying, “Calvin, what is this? What are these preparations going on?” “That’s the main thing,” says Calvin.

The main reason why all the people who look happy to you today is that a grand singing competition is to be organized in the Greenwood tonight, in which many people have signed up.

Our lion king will give a reward of $10K to the team that wins.

Lily was overjoyed and said, “Really Calvin?” Calvin says, “Oh yes, that’s right.

Lily says, “Calvin, your forest is very beautiful. I have a lot of fun in a place where there are so many different events; I want to take part in a singing competition here.

Please write my name too Calvin … please please … “Calvin says,” Hey I have already written. You don’t have to worry. “

Nighttime was approaching. All the villagers started preparing in their own way. So some people who did not participate in the singing competition took their beautiful place and started sitting there.

Thus finally came the time of singing competition and all the participating contestants were arranged in their respective places.

The first round started, this round went very well, and out of a total of 10 contestants, four contestants dropped out of the second round.

Thus began the second and third and final round and finally Calvin Fox and Lily won as the winners in this round.

Everyone greeted them with a round of applause and both were given their prizes at the hands of the lion king of the forest.

Moral of the story: One important key to success is self-confidence.

19) The tale of Two mice

The tale of Two mice stories for kids

There were two rat friends named Ben and Sid. Both were very brave and this was smart.

sid was eloquent and ben powerful. The friendship between the two is like eating together and playing together.

The grounds of a small village a short distance from the city were their residence.

One day Ben says, “sid, this is how many people from our village go to the city. How long are we going to do this?

Let’s go to the city. Let’s see what this city is like! “Sid liked talking about going to the city.

But he refused, saying who could walk so far.

The next day Ben came up with the idea, saying, “Dude, our brains are running smoothly. We will not walk but will take the bus. As scheduled the next day. Both boarded a bus from the village to the city.

The city was beautiful. sid and ben were stunned to see tall buildings and dazzling lights. Turning around, they came to a shop.

There was a nice smell coming from the shop. sid and ben were also hungry. Both went to the store. Both eyes fell on a yellow-looking square. It was cheese, but Ben and Sid had never seen cheese in their lives so they didn’t know its name.

However, from the scent, it is a food item, so much so that it was understood. Ben and sid quickly started eating the cheese. A large cat came barking. The cat spoke,

“Hey rats, how dare you to eat my master’s cheese?” Get out of here as soon as you can. It doesn’t take long for ben and sid to understand the situation. sid immediately said, “Get ready to go to jail with your boss. There you will neither drink milk nor play.

The cat panicked a little when he heard about the prison. That’s why Ben went on to say, what do you think, and here we must have come to eat this absurd cheese of your master. We are special rats from the food department. Your owner uses fake identities in the creation of all things. That is why we have come specially to test it.

While Ben was still talking, Sid jumped into the field again as if he was having fun with the cat’s fear.

He hurled a piece of cheese at the cat and said, “According to our test, this cheese is absurd and your owner will go to jail.” The store will also close. “

The cat was really shocked to hear Ben and Sid talking. He said, “Hey! My boss is a good man. It never makes a fake thing. Check it out comfortably. I show you all things.

Ben and Sid were relieved to hear the cat talk.

“We don’t trust anyone too soon,” he said, But we believe what you say.

Now we will stay here for a few days and go check all. If you want to save your owner, you have to let us taste all the things in the shop. The cat immediately said yes. Ben and Sid partied in the shop for several days and one day ran back to their home.

Moral of the story: Life without friends is no fun.

20) The mouse & the crow

The mouse & the crow story for kids

There was a village called Charnwood. There two friends gathered in the backyard of the village. The two friends were Jerry the Mice and Max the Crow. Jerry Mice and Max Crow talk for hours. These stories are about the people of the villages and the houses.

One day, in a conversation, Max asked Jerry why you always sitting in Sam’s uncle’s house.

Sam’s uncle is the village leader. Jerry replied that brother max.

Don’t make me like you Living wherever there is space, and then flying from one village to another village.

Jerry said we are in the same house and that house belonged to sam uncle. You know how good a sam uncle is. It never bothers me. On the contrary, he loves to see me. He gives me food every day.

Her boy peter is also happy to see me. One day he gave me a whole biscuit. Now you say leave the house of such a good man. We have to live here and die here.

Max says, brother, don’t let us down in one place. We have to fly and have fun. Jerry said, talked a lot today and now I’m leaving.

One night Sam’s uncle and Peter were sleeping comfortably in the house. Jerry the mouse was waking up under Peter’s bed. Suddenly something sounded.

Jerry the mouse saw four people hiding in the house. All four had weapons in their hands. The two were trying to open the vault.

It’s time to show loyalty. Thinking this, Jerry started running on Peter’s stomach. Peter woke up. Jerry immediately ran to the soles of Samuncle’s feet, so that Samuncle woke up tickled.

The thieves saw Peter and Samuncle awake and fled with their fists clenched. Peter and Samuncle realized that Jerrymouse had been saved from being stolen so they thanked Jerry.

The two friends met four or five days after the incident.

Jerry noticed that Max’s legs were bleeding. Brother Jerry went to Samuncle’s house and brought medicine and applied for medicine and then asked Max. Max said that I brought a piece of meat to John’s house. While eating the piece, one or two small pieces fell in John’s yard.

John angrily hits the stone. Jerry says you shouldn’t mess up. Jerry talked all night long. Max praised Jerry’s bravery and cunning and Sam also listened to Jerry and promised not to spread pollution.

Moral of the story: This teaches that one should not spread pollution and should repay favors with favors.

21) The Story Of A owl

The Story Of A owl - short moral stories for kids

There was an owl. The owl’s name was Ozzy, Ozzy was very small and different from other owls.

All of Ozzy’s friends were able to fly but Ozzy had not yet learned to fly.

Ozzy’s mom and dad worked hard to teach him to fly, but Ozzy never learned to fly.

Ozzy was brilliant in everything else. He loved to read, he loved to sing, and he loved to help others.

Ozzy had a friend. Her name was fozy. fozy eagle once took Ozzy for a walk.

Fozy saw the book in the bird market. The name of the book was ‘Hundred Tips to Fly’. Fozy bought the book and gave it to Ozzy as a gift. Ozzy studied all the techniques to learn to fly but was still very scared to fly.

He did not understand that the rest of the animals could walk and the birds could fly. Ozzy was afraid he would fall and die as he flew away.

This went on for many days. Ozzy reads the book given by the fozy eagle and all its rules one by one every day while sitting on the branch of his nest and tries to fly accordingly.

The power of the flying bird is comparable to the rule of the book, but it never flies. Fozy eagle sees everything and gets angry.

While reading the book, Ozzy came up with the 100th technique on the very last page but did not learn to fly.

It was very sad that he did not know how to fly. It was almost like crying.

Watching other birds fly. At the same time, suddenly someone pushed Ozzy hard, Ozzy started screaming and fell, so later came the sound of the fozy falcon. This is the 101st technique. Ozzy, either you open the wing or fall. Frightened, Ozzy finally opened his wings and learned to fly before he fell to the ground.

Moral of the story: We must face fear bravely

22) Cleanliness of Your Surroundings

Cleanliness of Your Surroundings - moral stories for kids English

There was a little boy. His name is Derek. He was very wise. He believed in cleanliness.

One day he was going to his school. There he saw a large garbage truck. The little boy was throwing rubbish out of the car and throwing it on the road. Derek immediately walked over to the boy and asked him. “Brother! Why do you throw garbage like this?. What did you get out of throwing garbage like that? “

The child spoke. “Friend, one of my toys was thrown in the trash by my mother. That’s what I’m looking for.”

Derek said, “You threw garbage like this and now we will both clean this garbage. Good! ”

The child said, “Yes, let’s go. Friend, let’s both clean up our streets.”

Derek brought brooms. Together they beautified the street and made it shiny.

Derek remembered that I had to go to school. Her clothes were very dirty. He immediately ran to the school. The class at the school had also begun. The class teacher was very angry at Derek and asked, “Why is it so late?”

Derek started talking. The class teacher was very happy with Derek.

He said to Derek, Derek you have done a very good job. So I will reward you from the principal. Derek was very happy. He thanked the principal and the class teacher.

Derek received a beautiful prize from the principal. Derek left in the evening and went to his house. There Derek started talking and told his mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, and older brother. All were very happy with Derek. Everyone seemed to be proud of Derek. Baby friends, now that you know how important cleaning is.

Moral of the story: This teaches that one should not spread pollution and should repay favors with favors.

23) The King And The Demon

The King And The Demon short moral stories for kids in English

There was a village called Avebury. The day when a demon named king sam and night Calvin ruled.

King Sam imprisoned King Calvin years ago. King Sam was kind-hearted. They went to his castle one day to meet the demon.

The demon trapped King Sam in his words. He ensnared the king and set him free from captivity. It occurred to the king that now the demon must have become a monk. If he had been in captivity for so many years, it would have changed.

So the king gave the demon a new name, Calvin, and released him on one condition, saying that if you are caught harassing the people and your name comes up behind a bad deed, I will put you in jail.

On the other hand, the demon was just waiting to be released. Sam’s teaching made him feel bad in his mind. Not only was the king’s condition important to the demon.

After being released, the demon remained quiet for a while and then slowly began to lighten its texture. This monster could only be active at night.

So he slowly began to harm the state. He uprooted trees and lifted animals out of the state forests every day.

Within a few days, the number of trees in the forest began to decrease. Word began to spread among the people that a demon was behind all these incidents.

The monster slowly began to damage the farmers’ standing crops and their livestock from the village.

When they went to complain to the king, the king set up a guard at the farmer’s house and around the farm, where the demon was targeting another farmer’s farm.

The patience of the villagers was now lost. He instructed the king to bring about an immediate solution. The king took the people seriously and decided to visit the kingdom in disguise at night.

He saw that the demon did not directly annoy the human beings of the state, but harmed the things they owned. The king devised a plan and arranged his soldiers in the field where the harvest was ready. Now the people of the state began to wait for night to fall.

The monster began to roam the kingdom at night and search for a field full of crops. The demon was strong, but his powers were less on full moon’s night.

The king took advantage of this opportunity. It was a full moon’s night. The monster came into the field and the king’s soldiers fell on him and captured the monster. Both the people and the king were happy.

Moral of the story: The result of a bad deed is always bad.

24) The Lion And The Frog | Animal Stories for Kids

The Lion And The Frog bedtime stories for kids

Galloway Forest President Lex Lion was chatting with Victor the tiger. then Bob the frog from Zooma Lake came there. He came and said, Our condition is bad here and you are gossiping? Listen to my complaint.

Lex was aware of many of Bob’s frog exploits. He spoke with a very serious mouth, speak Mr bob, what is your complaint?

President, tonight our zooma lake is going to fly into the sky,” said Bob, with a serious expression on his face.

Lex and Victor both laughed out loud when they heard Bob. Bob said, I know you don’t believe me, but I have a dream. You are the president. It is our duty to save our lake. If you don’t help, I will go from house to house in the whole Sundarbans and ask for help.

This Bob frog was famous for its many fools. However, Lex Lion did not seem to mind. He explained to Bob and said goodbye.

This side Bob then turned again across the lake and came to tell everyone. Tonight is the last. At night a big star will come from the sky and take away our lake.

There was no reason to believe Bob, but he was saying things without such a terrible headline as if it were the truth itself.

Two or four frogs, like Bob’s disciple, and a snake, he declared his support. By evening, the condition of Zooma Lake had become like a desert.

Almost all the sponges made the whole Sundarbans whine. This disturbed the other animals so they came to the lex lion with a complaint about the sponges of Lake Zooma. Lex immediately remembered that Bob had arrived in the morning.

The lex the lion and Victor the tiger came running to the shore of Lake Zooma. He tried to talk but the frogs and all the other sponges made so much noise that it was impossible to talk. Eventually the frustrated lex threw the strings. There was silence for a moment as soon as he spoke,

It is totally wrong to say that a star is going to come and take the lake today. Listening to Lex, everyone said yes. Now he says this is wrong, but I will tie the knot with Bob the frog. And I tie Bob to my cave so no one takes him. All right?

Everyone agreed that the lake was going to survive. As soon as Lex gestured to Victor, he erected a large pillar on the shore of the lake, tied Bob to it, and tied the pillar with a rope to Lex’s cave.

After a while, a herd of elephants came at Lex’s command and the sap of the tree was thrown into the lake. The juice contained a sedative for a few hours. The whole lake fell asleep peacefully in an instant. Lex, Victor, and the whole jungle also fell asleep. The rumor monger Bob stayed up all night!

Moral of the story: We should always focus on facts, not on rumors

25) Nancy Cat and Fish

Nancy Cat and Fish stories for kids in English
short moral stories for kids

Roman and his family lived in a small town. Roman had a cat. He named the cat Nancy.

Nancy and Roman had a great friendship. Every morning Roman goes to school, Nancy gets bored alone and goes for a walk in the surrounding streets.

He always wanders and when Roman comes back from school, he also comes back home.

One day Roman’s father brought him to an aquarium. roman just had fun. In addition to Nancy, the fish also became friends now. However, Roman’s friendship with the fish is a bit harsh on Nancy.

It seems that Roman is less with me now and spends more time with the fish. Nancy growled at the aquarium fish whenever Roman was not near.

However, the fish in the glass box didn’t matter much to Nancy’s grunt. Nancy also did nothing to harm the fish.

Gradually the aquarium got old. In the beginning, the extra time that Roman was giving became routine. Nancy couldn’t speak much more than a meow, but now she didn’t feel as lonely as before.

Roman, Aquarium, and Nancy were all happy, but it turned out to be a big event one day.

Forever happy roman was sad. Nancy didn’t like Roman’s sadness, but she didn’t understand anything.

Coming from school in the evening, Roman neither played with Nancy nor took care of the aquarium. Nancy kept meowing back and forth, but Roman wasn’t in the mood for fun.

He fell asleep a little early. Nancy also slept with him. As soon as he woke up in the morning, Nancy woke up.

Roman took a large plastic bag. It was filled with water. Then lightly removed a large fish from the aquarium and placed it in it. Nancy was watching the game and meowing softly.

Roman said to Nancy, “Sorry Nancy, we have to send this to another place because it’s too big now.” Our aquarium is too small for that now. We will send this to a big aquarium and bring another small fish for us.

Nancy didn’t understand all about roman, but roman is not as sad as yesterday and a fish is going away so maybe he understood.

He meowed and turned his round. He licked the plastic bag and fell in love with the fish. Wagging tail. Eventually Roman and Nancy both came to put the fish in the right place. One day the atmosphere remained gloomy.

The next day, however, Roman’s mom brought two new tiny goldfish. And the aquarium became the same as before.

Moral of the story: Don’t get discouraged over small things

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