Top 10 Short Bedtime Stories for Kids

A story at bedtime is the best way to de-stress after a long day at work for you. and can turn into cherished memories for your child. Here are 10 Bedtime stories for kids, curated from around the world, for young children aged 10 and below. Enjoy Leading them aloud to your kid!

10 Short Bedtime Stories for Kid

Kids are always active, and it can be hard to put them to sleep at times. This is when a good story can come to your aid. It helps you prepare your kids for bedtime, and they’ll even look forward to it if there are good stories to hear. Below, are some of the stories that you could read out to them.

1. The Tiger and his Tail | Bedtime Stories for Kids

The Tiger and his Tail Bedtime Stories for Kids
Bedtime Stories for Kids

There was a huge forest. Many tigers used to live in this forest. There was a beautiful lake in this forest.

The lake was surrounded by lots of greenery, trees, and tall grasslands. A beautiful tigress used to rule in this forest, her name was Eva.

Some time back a famous tiger victor dominated here. But nowhere it is dominated by the beautiful tigress Eva.

The beautiful tigress Eva was very beautiful in appearance. Black stripes on the orange body, lower body, and white legs, in which tigress Eva looked very beautiful.

Eva was as powerful and brave as she was beautiful. Its speed, long and high jumps, and agility were better than any other tiger. A roar of Eva used to tremble the whole forest.

The beautiful tigress was very proud of its beauty. Eva was very proud of her tail. His tail was thick, beautiful, three and a half feet long tail with round black stripes.

Eva believes that she looks gorgeous because of her tail. Other tigers used to say that if it has a tail, it should be like the tail of an Eva!

This lake had an important place in the forest. Many wild animals in the forest come to drink water in this lake. It was very easy for the Eva tiger to hide in tall grass and hunt wild animals coming to drink water.

Crocodiles also had a large population in this lake. Crocodiles also hide in water and are used to hunt animals that drink water.

Once an Eva was drinking water in the lake when a crocodile attacked Eva. Eva was caught by the crocodile in its jaws. Eva was also not one to give up. There was a lot of fight between both the tiger and the crocodile.

Eva used all her might to get out of the crocodile’s mouth. The crocodile was also not ready to leave Eva. In the end, Eva hit one of the crocodile’s eyes with one of her claws. The crocodile’s grip loosened and she escaped. Eva survived, but her tail was cut off by the crocodile’s sharp teeth. Eva escaped with a broken tail.

Without Eva’s tail, her life would have been much worse. He had a lot of pride on his tail, now his pride is not the same as before.

Without a tail, he stopped coming out of the cave. She did not want anyone to make fun of her when she saw her without a tail, “Queen of the jungle without a tail! Look, she is the queen of the jungle without a tail!” Gradually Eva’s power also started working.

Once a voice came from outside the cave, “Hello, queen of the jungle, what are you doing in the cave?” Why don’t you come out?

This voice was that of a bear. Eva smiled hearing the bear’s voice. This bear’s name was Doctor Dean. The bear went to the city and had a lot of experience treating all the animals in the forest. He had his favorite red bicycle and used to sit on it and roam all over the forest.

Eva tells Doctor Dean the full story of the crocodile fight and also shows the broken tail. Dr. Dean says, “I’m here to inform you that I’m out of town today. I’m here to put the amputated limbs and look, I got a job right here too!”

Eva was very happy. Eva showed her broken tail to Dr. Dean. Then Dr. Dean did a minor operation and reattached Eva’s tail, “In a week your tail will be back! So Get my fees now!”

Eva gave Dr. Dean his fee and also offered a big reward, Eva said “Go on, from now on you won’t have to ride a bicycle to go for treatment. I’ll make you a big hospital in the woods!” Dr. Dean was overjoyed. His dream of building a hospital in the jungle came true! In this way, Eva started ruling peacefully again in the forest area!

2. Crocodile and Leopard Story Bedtime Stories for Children

Crocodile and Leopard Story Bedtime Stories for Children

There was a river in a forest. Many big crocodiles lived in that river. Every day many animals used to come to drink water on the bank of that river.

On either side of the river or the bank in front of the river, many groups of animals could be seen drinking water, but all the animals feared that crocodiles would make them their prey every day.

They had to drink the water of fear. For a long time, this question of concern was troubling all the animals, as many careless animals lost their lives.

There were many dense trees on the bank of the river. The animals that come to drink the water can rest in the tree’s shade, and the same tree also protected them during the night. And he could also spend the night comfortably under the tree; all the animals loved this beautiful place. Many monkeys used to have fun here.

The animals met in the shade of a tree to discuss a solution to the crocodile problem. Then a fox gathered Leopard, Hyena, Giraffe, and many more animals.

The problem of crocodiles was a matter of concern for all the animals, so all the animals came together. Then the fox said that you all know that there are many crocodile problems in this river.

Many animals have lost their lives here, so tomorrow we too should not become a victim of crocodiles, so we all have gathered here. So all of you give us suggestions, whoever gives good suggestions will be rewarded.

The fox stopped speaking that in no time there was a virtue inside. Looking at each other asking questions, the problem is still unsolved. Everyone was looking at each other to give some good suggestions.

The monkey, sitting on the twigs, was looking anxiously at the animals gathering under the trees, the monkeys were also serious. Then one of the monkeys made a sound as a sign of fear and all the animals were startled when a leopard was drinking water on the bank of the river when suddenly the crocodile attacked it.

But Leopard was very strong and smart, as he was trying to get out of the crocodile’s clutches, but the crocodile grabbed his leg and started dragging his leg into the water. Then Leopard very cleverly hit the crocodile’s eyes.

Then he grabbed the crocodile by the mouth and started pulling the crocodile. He brought the crocodile near the trunk of a tree and stopped.

Then after catching the crocodile, he took the crocodile to the tree and took it away. All the animals sitting far away were watching this scene together.

All the animals were telling each other that the problem for which we had gathered here was solved by Leopard. The problem of other animals was solved because of Leopard. All the animals were glad that we all had one less enemy because of Leopard.

3. No work is small Short Bedtime Stories for Kids

Short Bedtime Stories for Kids
Short Bedtime Stories for Kids

There was a village called Kingswood. The name of Ben tailor was very well known in this village.

People with big money, bridal dresses, artistic handicrafts, and small children’s clothes were sewn very well. so Ben’s name was very famous in the surrounding villages.

With these skills, tailor Ben built his house and a big shop in his village. Ben was a son of a tailor. His name was Max. As his son Max grew older, he continued his studies as well as his skills. Max completed his studies at a college in the city and obtained his bachelor’s degree.

This son of Ben was better prepared than his father in his father’s skills. Ever since he was studying in the city college, Max has been dreaming of the city. Max loved the city.

Max did not have to work as a tailor. Max did not like this job at all. Max had to go to town and get a higher job.

Once Max put his wish in front of his father, Ben explained to him, “Son, it is not easy to get a job in the city, and we have no acquaintances in the city. Max, you have mastered our work and this skill. We get a lot from it. It would be better if you also stay here in front of our eyes. “

“Dad, I am well educated. I will get a good job in the city, I will move there. One day I will take a big house in the city and call you city too. I do not want to live here in the village nor do tailoring work. I have no interest in such a small job as a tailor, so I’m going to town. “

“Son, the work from which we have so far received money, nourishes, is not considered small.”

Despite persuasion from his parents, Max went to town with a friend. After wandering for several days, he got a job in a small factory.

The clothes that were made in this factory were packed in boxes, and then put in the factory carts and the boxes were delivered to the whole city from where many orders came.

Even though Max did not like this job, Max accepted this job to avoid unemployment. Max dreamed of a high job, a high position, a high income, and becoming a big man in the city, but isn’t it all easy in the city.

One night a huge fire broke out in the factory where Mohan was working. The fire was so fierce that everything burned to ashes. Max then became unemployed. Max set out again to find work. Max never got the right job he wanted to do.

While walking in the city market, Max suddenly saw the board of a large tailor’s shop, “It was written here that a tailor is needed here.”

Max muttered, “Tailor work again? No … no … I don’t need to be a tailor. I won’t do such a small job, so my price won’t be that much. I will do such a small job. I have not come to the city to do it. ” Max kept wandering here and there thinking but could not find any work. All the money was gone and the days of starvation came.

Max started remembering his father’s words, he remembered that my father used to say “Son no work is small. We can live a self-respecting life by working hard in the village.” Max went to the tailor shop and met the shop owner. Interacting with max the boss believed her words, her skills, and her experienced training and hired her.

The shopkeeper was very happy with Max’s hard work and skill. Max’s hard work has done wonders in sewing uniforms in different schools.

The work of the shop owner started happening quickly and in a short time. The shop owner was happy and he doubled Max’s salary.

Max also bought his own house in town. Max also asked his parents to come to town. This story shows that no task is small. If the task is small and we do it efficiently then in the cult of advancement that task automatically becomes big. No task should be underestimated.

4. The Smart Elephant Free Bedtime Stories

Free Bedtime Stories
Free Bedtime Stories

In one forest there lived a lion, Lion The King of Jungle called a meeting of all the animals one night.

King Lion says to all the animals, ‘Next full moon an oratory competition has been organized. All animals have to take part in this oratory competition. The animal that comes first in this competition will be given a big prize.

Before Lion could say anything further, Vicky Monkey said, “What will be the topic of the oratory contest? We are very curious to know.” ‘So listen, oratory is the subject of competition – what if one day you are made the king of this jungle?’

Lion said, ‘Here we will meet again on the night of the coming full moon. Until then, all of you should prepare very well for the oratory competition.

Lion wished all the animals good luck.

On the night of the full moon, all the animals came near a big tree. First, the rabbit stood up to give his speech. The rabbit said, ‘If I become the king of this forest for one day, I will first get a lot of soft grass from another forest, and build my house here and there.’

Then the leopard stood up and said, ‘If I become the king of this forest, I will let all the deer come here from another forest. Increasing the number of deer will be my priority. ‘

When it is the fox’s turn, he says, ‘I will stay with the lion. I will inform him where the prey is hiding in the forest. I will eat whatever is left after eating it. ‘The fox was thinking in his mind at the same time, ‘Will this save me from going hunting?’

All the animals gave their speech one by one; everyone’s speeches were very selfish.

Now it is the turn of the Allen elephant to say, ‘If I become the king of this forest, I will build a wire fence around the forest so that there is a distance between humans and other animals, and it will not be allowed in our forest unauthorized. Come and not harm. ‘

Allen said, since my sense of smell is very good, if any animal is in trouble, I will know and immediately reach for help.

I will see that no animals in the forest area are in any trouble. I think all animals, big or small, will be the same for me. I would help all the animals equally and build a big pond in the middle of the forest. So all the animals can drink the water of that pond.

Even if the second small pond dries up, this central pond will be useful for everyone. This water will be used only for drinking. And neither I nor any other animal will bathe in it.

As soon as Allen finished his speech, all the animals stood up and started praising him.

Now Lion stood up and said, ‘I am very old now. I have to hand over my administration to the right person. I have been thinking for a long time, ‘To whom should I hand over my rule?’ I was very worried then my friend Tiger said to me, ‘You organize an oratory competition. Put a subject in it so that we can know the thoughts of the animal’s mind whether it is selfish or altruistic.

After much thought, the thought came to my mind that if someone is made the king of this forest for one day, then what will the animals decide! His attitude towards the forest can be gauged only from the decision taken by him.

So I kept the theme of the oratory competition ‘What if I was made the king of this jungle for one day?’

All the animals appreciated Lion’s idea.

Lion said, ‘When I heard rabbits, leopards, foxes, and other animals, he had selfishness in his mind. I did not see the slightest emotion in his voice towards this forest. What Allen said does not reflect his selfishness.

Everything he said was dedicated to this forest. It is a matter of pride to say that he will not bathe in the water of the new pond. So now I choose Allen as my successor. Saying this, Lion crowned Allen. All the animals stood up and applauded for the lion and the Allen.

5. The Little Boy 5 min Bedtime Stories

5 min Bedtime Stories
5 min Bedtime Stories

There was a town called Zootpa. There lived a boy named Max, whose color was dark.

He worked on a landlord’s farm. He had to do what the landlord told him to do. If I feel hungry, I have to ask the landlord if I can eat something. Eat only if he says yes. The landlord had to first ask permission to bathe, to go out, and to drink water.

Max used to get food twice when he worked all day. He used to get two pairs of clothes in a year. His father also worked for the landlord and his mother also worked for the landlord. Max asked mother, why do we have to do what the landlord says?

The mother said, “Son, we are his slaves.” max asked, why are we, slaves?

Mom said I don’t know. But know that my parents and your father’s parents were also slaves of the landlord.

Max became depressed. Can’t I do something I want? But what can happen? We have no other choice. If we made a mistake, the landlord would punish us and let us do extra work. Sometimes we didn’t even give food; sometimes we had to go to work instead of sleeping at night.

One day while working in the field, Max came up with the idea. Work stopped, thoughts went on, the owner got angry, he punished max, now you have to clean the whole field near my farm. The land was too big. But they had no choice but to clear the ground.

He said, G-boss, and then he started clearing the ground with his mouth down. He was clearing the ground. Suddenly his gaze went to the sky. Something was spinning in the sky. Max was shocked. What are they?

As soon as he saw, a red sphere came into the sky, began to move, a green sphere came, began to move, a yellow sphere came, a blue sphere came.

Max was very surprised. What is this?

He looked around carefully. He started running in the direction of the shell coming in the sky, then he saw a man on a bicycle.

That man would fill a machine with something, then that thing would immediately turn into a sphere, that man would make spheres of different colors and drop them in the sky.

Max asked the man, Uncle, what are you doing?

The man said, “I inflate the balloons and release them into the sky.” max says in surprise. These are balloons?

The man said, yes! These are balloons. The landlord has asked to inflate the balloons and release them in the sky.

The boy said why?

The man said it was the little boss’s birthday.

Max says, Uncle, I saw balloons of different colors going in the sky. Can a black balloon fly in the sky?

The man inflated the black balloon and handed it to Max and said, let this balloon go.

When Max released the balloon he climbed into the sky.

Max spoke happily; even a black balloon can climb into the sky.

The man said, “Son if the balloon is flying in the sky because I will inflate it with this machine. If it is full of air, any balloon can go up in the sky.

Max asked. What if I want to fly in the air?

The man said he can’t go to the sky as long as you hold him by the hand. When you leave him by hand, he will go to the sky on his own. You too will one day be free from your landlord and will be able to live your life freely. Max, you also learn something new every day and keep increasing your knowledge.

Max spoke. But the owner will not allow it.

Max quit his job the same day and went looking for another job. Max started meeting different people. It was so beautiful that people loved it. Max started doing his job; in return, he would get food. He left and went to different villages and kept getting new people and new jobs. Max gathered information from all those people and you increased the knowledge.

So slowly he became smarter. Max would immediately find a solution to the problem if anyone had a problem. He understood what was right and what was wrong.

Ten years later he had his own chariot. Max had a lot of money. Then he approached the landlord. Max said, leave my parents.

The landlord says if I leave him, who will give me two thousand dollars?

Max said, two thousand dollars! Then tell me, where is that ballooned uncle? Leave them too.

The landlord says; give them another thousand dollars to leave.

Max gave another thousand dollars and left the man too. Now he went to the surrounding villages and helped them free many more slaves.

With the money he had, he would give it to the landlords and free the slaves. Max showed the way to helped everyone. And everyone started respecting Max.

6. The Frog And The Mouse Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story
Bedtime Story

There was a small pond in a forest. A frog lived in it. The frog lived alone in that pond. One day the frog was hung from loneliness.

He felt the need for a friend. One day a mouse came out from the pond, the frog was also sitting on the bank of the pond.

Seeing the frog alone, the mouse went to him. The mouse said, dear frog, why are you sitting alone? Where is your friend? Why is no one visible?

The frog said I have no friends, so with whom should I talk because I live alone in the whole pond. There is no one here with whom I can talk or hang out with.

The mouse said, it is just such a thing from today that I am your friend. I will stay with you now. The frog became very happy to hear this. The frog said thank you to the mouse and the two went for a walk again.

Gradually the two became good friends. Both used to talk a lot and used to go far for a walk in the forest. The frog sometimes even visited a mouse house built under a tree. Sitting on the bank of the pond, both used to laugh a lot.

One day the frog was thinking that I had gone to the rat’s house many times, but the mouse never came to my pond. Thinking about how to bring the mouse into my pond, an idea came.

The clever frog said to the mouse, dear friend, both of us have become very good friends. We both should do something such that someone is alone and he is thinking what my friends must be doing, then that friend should know that someone is missing me.

The mouse listened to the frog and said, it is true, but what should we do?

The foolish frog said, “Your tail and my leg are joined together by a string.” In this way, whenever we remember each other, we will pull that string.

The mouse did not understand much about the frog. That’s why the gullible mouse said that they don’t try to talk to you.

The frog joined its legs and the tail of the mouse.

Then the frog jumped straight into the water. He was very happy because his idea worked.

But the mouse living on the ground did not know how to swim and the mouse drowned. In this way, the mouse died.

This entire incident was watching an eagle flying above. Seeing the rat in the pond, the eagle picked up the rat in its beak from the pond.

Along with the mouse, the frog also came in the eagle’s beak, because the frog’s legs and the rat’s tail were connected.

The frog had no idea what was happening. He wondered why I was flying in the sky. When the frog looked on the other side, he saw an eagle and he was very scared. The frog tried hard to get out of the eagle’s clutches but the eagle ate it too.

It was learned from this story of frog and mouse that those who think of harming others, in fact, harm themselves. So we should not think badly about anyone.

7. The Two Donkeys Bedtime Story for kids

Bedtime Story for kids
Bedtime Story for kids

There lived a potter in a village. He had two donkeys. One was named Loopy, the other was named Goopy. Goopy was pretty simple. He used to do his job. But Loopy was very naughty and lazy.

One day a customer from the city of Potter came to buy pottery. He bought a pot from there. Potter took 2 dollars from him.

Seeing the low price, the customer said that only this price. In our city, this pot is available for 5 dollars. If you want to earn more money then you come to our city where you will sell the same pot for 4 dollars, even then your entire goods will be sold.

Potter was delighted to hear this. Then Potter got all the information about the city from that customer.

Both the donkeys standing under the neem tree were listening to all these things.

After the customer left, Loopy said, if Potter takes both of us to the city, it will be a lot of fun.

Both of us will also get a chance to see the city. Our father always used to listen to us about the city, when we were both young, he used to say that there are paved roads in the city, the fun of walking on it is something else. There are big shops. There are big cars.

Goopy said, don’t be overjoyed, and don’t believe in big cars.

Nothing is known about big vehicles, when they hit and go away, they will not even know.

Loopy said, Goopy, you are very timid. Nothing will happen as you are thinking.

On the second day, Potter left for the city with both the donkeys. He hung all his belongings on donkeys. Loopy looked very happy.

After 2 hours the houses of the city started appearing. Paved roads and big vehicles were also visible.

Potter stopped both the donkeys on the other side of the road but loopy was enjoying the paved path so he was running over there.

Potter said angrily, since when has he been running there, if someone gets hit by a big car, then all the pots will break.

But loopy ignored all the things, he was in a hurry to see the city.

After a while, Potter and his donkey came close to a market. The market was very crowded. The roads to the market were very narrow. A lot of vehicles were also coming on that road.

Loopy collided with a child because of the crowd. The child fell and started crying, seeing that the father of the survivor got angry and threw a stick towards the loopy.

Because of that stick, the pottery item placed on top of the loopy broke.

Loopy also got very angry and gave a kick to that person. And ran away from there.

That child’s father again got angry with Potter because both the donkeys were his (Potter).

The boy’s father said that you do not know what your donkey did to me? Your ass kicked me.

Then Potter said that why did you hit him with a stick first?

The boy’s father said that your donkey brought down my son and ran away. So they both started waking up. The market got crowded. But those two donkeys had nothing to worry about.

When both of them calmed down. When Potter came out and saw that both the donkeys were missing.

Seeing this, Potter was very sad. And both of them set out to find the donkey. After walking for a while, he reached a crossroads, on which there were four roads.

Potter looked at the four roads and wondered which way these two donkeys would have gone.

Seeing all this, the shopkeeper standing next to him said what you are looking for Mr.

Potter said did you see anyone leaving here? Have you seen two donkeys?

The shopkeeper laughed and said that donkeys in the city?

Potter then went ahead and looked around but the donkeys were not visible. Potter sat down in a tree exhausted. He was also feeling very hungry but he did not feel like eating anything.

Still, they did not give up, they kept searching for 2 hours continuously but still, they could not find the donkeys.

He again got tired and walked towards the village. He now started thinking that if I had not come to the city; it would have been better than nothing like this would have happened.

Thinking like this, he reached his home. But as soon as he reached home, he saw that both loopy and goopy were standing under the tree.

Potter’s wife said where did you go, when have the donkeys reached home?

Potter was very happy to see both the donkeys safe and sound. He said that 2 / 4 pots were broken, nothing but my dear two donkeys reached home safely, that is enough.

8. The Lion King Famous Bedtime Stories for Kids

Famous Bedtime Stories for Kids
Famous Bedtime Stories for Kids

There lived a lion in a forest, his name was Lex.

One day he went for a walk in the forest. Lex Lion was considered very smart and friendly in the whole forest.

Sometimes he used to go for a walk in the forest in disguise. Due to this, if there is any creature under his rule, he used to see and inquire about everyone’s well-being.

One day he got tired and sat down under a tree. He was sitting comfortably thinking that nowadays many birds are falling ill, such things were heard a lot.

So he asked a tree how are you? And how is your king’s rule?

The second tree spoke softly. Should I tell you the truth or a lie? Lex Lion hastily said to speak the truth.

Lex lion said I am new here. I have heard many praises of your forest, so I am asking.

The tree spoke immediately. It’s all bullshit. That stupid Lex Lion doesn’t know anything, that’s why we are upset.

Lex Lion was shocked. When he asked the tree the reason for this, the tree speaks, how can I explain to you!

Lex spends all of our forest money on his personal events.

There has been a lot of garbage in our forest for a long time and no one removes it. But Lex Lion has no problem.

If this waste is not removed then gradually all the trees will be uprooted. Then there will be no forest, no living being will remain also Lex Lion won’t even be here

Hearing all these things, a tree said that it is the right thing. Lex Lion is happy to see green leaves on us but he can’t see the garbage scattered around. Lex Lions do small things but don’t solve big problems. The main problem here is garbage.

Lex Lion, who had come as a deaf, got to know all such things, it made him very happy.

Lex Lion began to giggle with joy, seeing everyone, the trees were shocked.

Say slowly Lex Lion don’t worry. I will call my employees and engage in cleaning the entire forest. On the second day, all the employees were called and ordered to clean the entire forest. In such a few days all the garbage was cleared and all the trees became happy. And the trees with the correct problem were awarded.

9. The Cat and The Fish Short Bedtime Story

Short Bedtime Story
Short Bedtime Story

A cat lived on the beach. She lived in the bushes along the coast. Many fishes of the sea were his friends.

Its food is the fauna found in the surrounding bushes and the small fish that come to the shore.

Once a big eagle came to live on the beach. Seeing a lot of fish, the eagle became very happy. He was thinking that I started getting a lot of food here every day.

Thus it is a natural system that every big animal eats small creatures but this hawk was very voracious and used to eat all the fish. It eats small fish and disturbs larger fish.

It often caught the fish, slammed them, and released them back into the sea.

The eagle was very big and had a lot of power, so the poor fish could not do anything.

There was no one to compete with him on the quiet beach, so the eagle’s atrocities kept on increasing. The eagle was making him worse than eating. It eats fish and spoils the fish by littering the beach and used to disturb other small fish. He used to bother every day.

One day Cat was walking on the beach to meet his friend Fish. The always laughing fish cried in front of the cat.

He told Cat the whole story of the eagle’s tyranny. Cat told the fish to find a solution.

Cat knew that she could not beat the eagle. She started thinking about what to do now?

Cat went to a nearby village to find a solution. Wandered throughout the day but no solution was found. In this, he heard the sound of meow. There was a little boy who was making his own voice.

Cat also meowed in front, so the boy enjoyed it. He grabbed the cat and took it home to play.

He filled a bowl with milk and gave it to Cat. Cat goes to play with her at home.

Suddenly his eyes fell on a fish hanging on the wall of the house. Seeing the fish hanging on the wall, Cat’s head went numb. The fish lives in the sea, so how is it hanging on the wall? She was just looking ahead.

The boy’s attention went to Cat and he saw that Cat was looking at that fish, so he took the fish off the wall. The cat tried to talk to the fish, but it was not a real fish!

It was a fake fish that looked like a real fish made of thermocol. Now he got an idea. After playing for hours, he put the fake fish in his mouth and went to the market.

Then she went to the toy shop with the boy. There he saw such fish. Slowly headed towards the shop. Gradually, the cat collected several fish one after the other.

The beautiful colored fish made of thermocol looked just like the real one. After much deliberation, the cat also found something that could stick. He took an old bread.

The next day, they made a plethora of good fish and sat on the beach waiting for the eagle.

Stopped. The mind was pleased to see the colorful fish. The cat said, Look, Mr eagle, how many fish I have caught, but can I eat all this alone? Come eat you too.

The eagle had fun. As soon as he came to eat the fish, the cat put the fish forward with the flour. The eagle’s beak got stuck. His strength was reduced to half so the cat attacked the eagle and defeated it. The eagle again apologized and assured that he would never disturb the fish again.

10. The Tiger and The Crocodile | Bedtime Stories for Kids

The Tiger and The Crocodile  Bedtime Stories for Kids
The Tiger and The Crocodile | Bedtime Stories for Kids

A beautiful river flowed in a forest. After the rain, the life of the animals in the forest resumed. The river in the jungle was flowing well and this year as well as every year King Lion announced a swimming competition.

The swimming competition in this forest was considered a very prestigious competition. All the crocodiles, snakes, etc. who are always in happiness, come to the shore. All the Kanwars had to reach the front edge by staying under the water.

Apart from all the animals of the jungle, skilled swimmers from the surrounding forest had also come to participate in this competition.

The special thing about this competition was that no aquatic creature ever took part in it, because they were considered experts in swimming.

Aquatic creatures could only see from afar. This time crocodiles, tortoises,s, and hippopotamus were the judges in the competition.

The gummy monkey of the Sundarbans was a skilled swimmer. He was participating in this competition for the last three years, so everyone was sure that he would win this time also.

Victor Wagh, a very expert swimmer from another jungle was also participating in the competition. The real competition was between Jimmy Monkey and Victor Tiger. However, Jimmy always won.

At last, the day of the competition has arrived. Apart from Jimmy of the jungle, many animals like Gary the dog, Ricky horse, buffalo were taking part in it.

Apart from the undefeated vampy tiger, a cow, an elephant was also participating. The competition started as soon as the retired crocodile whistled.

The real thrill was now because all the animals had to swim under the water, so no one knew who was ahead or who was behind. When the swimmers reached the shore, everyone knew who had won.

Several animals were provoking Jimmy and Victor. After some time Victor the tiger first reached the front shore.

After that Gary, the Dog, and Jimmy reached the shore several times. Jimmy’s defeat made the competition easy. No one was ready to believe that Jimmy, who swims several times faster than Victor, lost, but victory is victory.

There was an atmosphere of excitement in the Victor tiger Camp. The jury declared the victory of Victor’s (tiger). When King Lion Victor was about to give the medal to the tiger, then suddenly there was a stir.

Somebody said, stand up dear tiger… stand up! Everyone looked in that direction when an old tiger was stopping them from a distance. Someone in the crowd spoke. Hey! This is the father of Victor Tiger.

So the old tiger came near. He said, ‘Like last year, Jimmy has won this time too. My son Victor cheated to win.”

Everyone was stunned to see the old tiger. Lion and his father tell Victor the tiger to tell the truth whatever happens.

Victor said, “Daddy’s right,” said Victor tiger. Jimmy used to win medals every time, so I cheated this time.

I didn’t actually swim, I sat on the crocodile’s back and reached the front shore. My pet dog, Garry, was also with me.”

And Victor the tiger asked the hidden crocodile to come out of the river. Seeing this, the crocodile got angry but everyone became calm after hearing the roar of the lion.

The jury reprimanded Victor, barred him from competing the following year, and declared Jimmy the winner.

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