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My memorable birthday | Free bedtime stories for kids

This time we come up with some Free bedtime stories for kids to enjoy the storyline while also learning a lesson.

My favorite day out of 365 days of the year is my birthday. The joy of that day is so much that I spend the remaining 365 days waiting for the birthday to come.

All elders and children like me will love their birthday. It rained a lot on my birthday this time. All the places in the city were flooded. The only question in my mind was what will happen to my birthday party?

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Friends, to be honest, the real attraction of my birthday is because of the gifts which are getting from my sisters and family. Every year my mom and dad give me a very nice gift, which I show to my friends and feel happy.

It occurred to me that the rain was also coming today? What if it hadn’t rained today? The confusion of my mind dawned on my dad.

He called me and started talking to me. Did he ask me how many years did you complete? Now that my daughter is growing up, I have to bring a big gift for her. When it came to gifts, I was interested in my dad. I gently asked them what gift did you get for me this year? If my friends can’t come because of the rain, I won’t get a gift this year.

The temptation in my mind finally came to my tongue. Speaking of which, now I knew my dad was going to teach me, but none of that happened.

He told me that you are right. Let’s go to your friend’s house today, but I will have one condition. You don’t have to take any gifts, you have to give a gift. Always wanting to give in life. If you also experienced today how unique the joy of giving a gift is to someone.

Listening to them, I quickly got ready and sat in the car. Along the way, I took gifts for my friends and gave gifts to all the friends one by one. I was never as happy as that day. All my friends were happy to see me suddenly with my father.

Free bedtime stories for kids

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