Grandpa and Me | Short Moral Stories for kids

Grandpa and Me | Short Moral Stories For Kids

Every day we come up with some short moral stories for kids to enjoy the storyline while also learning a lesson.

My younger brother and I used to sit next to my grandfather every day listening to the story. Every day Grandpa would tell us a new story. Sometimes the story of the forest, sometimes the story of life.

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My grandfather was the principal. Nowadays he does service activities with his friends and also helps us in studies along with having fun in free moments.

One evening I used to sit with my grandfather and take swings.

Suddenly the question arose in my mind that how could grandpa have become a principal? I also want to grow up and become an IAS officer.

short moral stories for kids

If Grandpa had any tricks I would become an officer with less effort. I kept asking Grandpa and slowly asked him the question that was on my mind. At first, my grandfather started laughing that there is no easy way to get anything. If you want to grow up and become whatever you want, you need to work hard to move forward in every field.

Listen to how I became a principal. Many questions arose in my mind when I was younger. I was bombarded with small questions. I used to ask a lot of questions to my mother.

For example, your great-grandmother. When he was cooking, he would go and sit next to them, he would see whatever he was cooking, he would ask questions about whatever stuff he put in it. How does something happen? Where is it produced? People from which region use it? What are the benefits? I used to ask him such questions and my mother used to answer me.

That’s how I used to ask questions about everything I saw on the road when my grandfather used to go to the market with me and remember the answers he gave me.

I used to ask the teachers of my school the most questions and I got to know and learn new things. As I got older, my knowledge also increased.

Children, if you want to create a better future, ask any question that comes to your mind and people older than you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or feel nauseous.

Listening to grandfather’s talk, I was happy in my mind that is a good thing I asked Grandpa the secret of his success. Knowledge is necessary to become a good human being in any field and knowledge comes only when we ask others about what we do not know.

Short Moral Stories For Kids written by Ava Smith

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