The Boy and the Butterfly | Short Moral Stories For Kids

During the storytime at home, We come up with some short moral stories for kids to enjoy the storyline while also learning a lesson.

Once Ryan was sitting in the house and watching TV. That’s when the view of the garden came on TV. The garden was beautiful. It had a fountain. There were plants of great fun. It had colorful flowers on it. There was green grass all around.

The Boy and the Butterfly: stories for kids, Short Moral Stories For Kids

A butterfly was seen flying. He sat on the flower. Ryan liked it. He shouted,

“Hey, Butterfly, good morning.”

The butterfly says, “Good morning, Ryan, are you having fun? “

Ryan spoke,

“It’s fun, but.” “But what do you say?” “Butterfly, I want to go for a walk in the garden,” said Ryan.

What’s in it, Come closer I’ll grab your hand and pull it, ‘”Really!” Ryan was surprised, “Yes, yes, why not, come on.”

Ryan went near the TV. Butterfly grabbed Ryan’s hand and pulled him inside. Ryan then reached the garden! He had a lot of fun.

The butterfly says, “Play as long as you want to play here.” “When to go home?” Ryan asked.

Then put your hand on your head and say this … one, two, three, and four. Get me out soon.” So back home you understand?

The Boy and the Butterfly: bedtime story for kids, Short Moral Stories For Kids

“Well then, but Butterfly, you stay with me!” “Why Ryan?” The butterfly asked.

“Look at this garden! Too big! If I make mistakes somewhere, how can I go home? ” So Butterfly laughs and says, I showed you the key to go home. Then what’s the point of getting lost? ’Ryan laughed,‘ Yes I forgot that. So have fun.

If no one bothers you here, let me tell you that I am the brother of Butterfly. Saying this, Butterfly flew away.

Ryan felt alone. He looked around, the swings were slippery slide away.

There was a nice soft lawn where he stood. Ryan thinks that first I should play on the lawn and then go for swings. and After some time someone’s scream reached his ears. Ryan scared, He sat down and looked around.

“Hey you, what are you doing here? looked at me.” Ryan looked at him. Oh father This is a grasshopper! How big! Ryan panicked. “Hey! you don’t see my foot, you rubbing it. Now I will slap you. ‘Said the grasshopper.

Ryan paired hands said, Sorry, grasshopper. Don’t bother me. “Where did you come from? kids are forbidden to come here. ‘

hey grasshopper, I am Ryan, the brother of Butterfly.”

Hearing Butterfly’s name, the grasshopper scared. He says, “Ryan, I am sorry! Not saying this to Butterfly. you can play here.

“No, now I’m going to swing.” Ryan ran towards him.

First, he went to a slippery slide. The slippery slide was big and crooked. Ryan was having fun. There was other play equipment. it was a lot of fun.

Ryan came to mind this garden is not crowded at all.

There are so many boys in the garden that my grandfather takes me to every day..!

In slippery slide, one after another is piled up and in the swing, slippery slide line is stuck. If you feel a slight number and take a few swings, the one behind you will shout, so you have to get down.

While here the fun, just fun. It is fun to play in it.

Then Ryan going to swings. How nice were the swings too? There was a soft cushion to sit on. Ryan sat on it and began to shake violently. When he was swinging very fast in the garden, grandfather would say, “Ryan, slow down” but there was no one here. Ryan swings and sings loudly.

The swing of gold, the fun of swinging is fun!

Like a silver swing, swing’s fun!

Then one voice came to her ear, “Ryan, let’s eat immediately”. This is mom’s voice. Mom was inviting him to dinner. I have to go as much as mom calls.

Ryan stopped swinging. He stepped down. Butterfly had just shown the key to get out. Ryan put his hand on his head and said out loud, “One, two, three, four, get me out soon”.

Ryan came out of the TV. He ran to the kitchen. Mom asked, “Why did it take so long? What were you doing? “

Ryan said, “Mommy, I used to swing in the garden.”

Mom was surprised to hear this. He laughed and said, “Don’t get me wrong, you were watching TV, weren’t you?”

Ryan is silent! To be honest, Mom didn’t believe it and Ryan didn’t have the habit of lying. so tell me, my dear friends, did Ryan speak true or false?

Short Moral Stories For Kids written by Ava Smith

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Morals are nothing but lessons that we learn from stories. If you listen, each story has some ethics in it. Teach your kids to draw lessons from their experiences, and the experiences of their friends or family. They will have so many short moral stories for kids to share with the world When they do

We hope your kid liked these short yet interesting stories with morals that we have read growing up!

There are more and more stories with morals.

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