The Elephant and the Bear Bedtime Story for kids

The Elephant and the Bear Bedtime Story for Kids

The Elephant and the Bear Story: Friends, in this post we are sharing the story of an elephant and bear, in which there is also a cunning crocodile. In The Elephant, Crocodile And The Bear Story, an elephant helps a crocodile in trouble. What does the crocodile do with him? How does the bear help him? Read to know:

The Elephant and the Bear Story

In a forest, there lived an elephant. He was a beautiful soul. In times of crisis, he was always there for everyone. This is his nature since he was adored by all of the forest’s animals.

When the elephant became thirsty, he went to the river to quench his thirst. He came across a crocodile buried beneath a large stone on the riverbank, moaning in pain.

The elephant inquired, “Brother crocodile! So, what happened? How did you get up buried beneath this rock?”

The crocodile groaned back, “I’m not sure what to say to Elephant! After dinner, I was relaxing by the river’s edge. Do you know how a chunk of that enormous rock broke off and landed on me? It’s excruciating. Please assist me. Remove this stone. For the rest of my life, I will be grateful to you.”

The elephant felt sorry for him. He was concerned, though, that the crocodile might attack him. So he inquired, “Look, crocodile bro! I will assist you if you agree not to assault me.”

“I swear,” “Says the crocodile.”

The Elephant and the Bear Bedtime Story for kids
The Elephant and the Bear Bedtime Story for kids

The elephant approached the crocodile and took the big stone off its back. The crafty crocodile, however, buried the elephant’s limb in its teeth as soon as the stone was removed.

The elephant sighed and murmured, “What exactly is this crocodile sibling? It’s all a ruse. You said you’d do it.”

The crocodile, on the other hand, did not leave the elephant’s leg. The elephant began to wail in agony. A bear was resting under a tree a little distance away. He came to the riverside after hearing the elephant scream.

“What happened elephant?” he wondered, seeing the elephant in such a state.

“I aided this cunning crocodile, and it retaliated by attacking me.” “Help me.” The elephant grumbled and told the story of the crocodile buried behind the stone.

“Did you say something?” This crocodile was still alive and buried beneath the stone. “I do not concur.” Bear made a statement.

“It was similar to that.” The crocodile snarled and gripped the elephant’s feet even tighter.

“It can’t be!” The bear spoke once more.

“It was unbearable!” The elephant made a statement.

“I’m not going to believe it unless I see it. Show me how this crocodile was buried alive under that stone and survived. Put that stone on the back of this crocodile, Hathi brother. Then take it out and show it to your friends.” Bear made a statement.

The crocodile was getting ready as well. He walked to the river’s edge, leaving the elephant’s leg behind. The elephant stomped on him with a large stone.

To the bear, the crocodile said, “Take a look at this! I was buried behind one of these stones. You’re certain now. The elephant then arrived and removed the stone. Let’s get the stone out of the way, elephant.” “Says the crocodile.”

“There will be no elephant! This crocodile is not deserving of your assistance. Allow it to stay this way. Come on, let’s get started.” Bear made a statement.

After that, the elephant and the bear walked away. The crocodile was still buried beneath the stone. He’d received the benefits of his deception.

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Moral Of The Story

We should always be grateful to the one who helps us.

With wisdom, one can get out of any trouble.

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