About Us

What is Sooperstories.com?

Sooperstories.com was founded in 2021 to create a large, easily accessible library of free-quality stories, poems, fairy tales, and short stories for children. Since our launch, we’ve rapidly found ourselves a beloved place in the hearts, homes, and schools of children all around the world.

Sooperstories offers Short stories for children like Moral stories, classic and contemporary stories in an easy-to-read format with vibrant illustrations designed to excite kids and engage them around reading. It also offers discussion guides designed to encourage caregivers and children the opportunity to explore real-life issues together over stories.

We have a variety of stories like Bedtime Stories For Kids, Moral Stories For Kids, Funny Stories For Kids, Christmas Stories For Kids, Animal Stories For Kids, Inspirational Stories For Kids, Fairy Tales For Kids, Adventure Stories For Kids, Mythological Stories For Kids, etc.

The Sooperstories Mission

1. To encourage a culture of reading in families, stimulating literacy and an early passion for books, through offering easily accessible, free quality short stories, poems, fairy tales, moral stories for kids, Short stories for kids, organized by theme and interest.

2. To humanize technology through encouraging dialogue around the process of reading, using technology to enhance rather than detract from our human interactions, and helping forge bonds between kids and their caregivers around the pleasurable time of reading together.

3. To foster understanding between people and cultures by publishing stories for kids that represent the richness and diversity of human experience.

We Love Your Support!

By telling your friends about Sooperstories, and encouraging people to read the stories on our site, we are able to create new stories. The more people that visit Sooperstories, the more stories we can create. Please spread the word!